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Cave Painting of Bison at Altimira, Spain


with Frater Marabas.

Marabas says that The Ancient Wisdom is the Wisdom of Life.   Far too many people today, he maintains, are indoctrinated into the idea that only people with high IQs who are trained in highly technical and specialised areas, can have knowledge. Marabas says there is another  more intrinsic form of intelligence and it is one which is of the most value to human beings in this difficult age.  It is The Ancient Wisdom; the genetic and intuitive wisdom which comes to us naturally through being part of Nature itself.  It is a form of Natural Magic, an intuitive understanding of how the cosmos works and how to manipulate it to your own best benefit. It is the sum total of mankind's endeavour on this planet.  

Most people do not understand that people from prior civilisations were just like us.   They tend to arrogantly think that because we are technologically advanced our society is  the best and that, (apart from a few puzzling exceptions such as Altimara Cave Painting : Bison  50,000 BC Ancient Egypt, The Helenic Era etc., )  previous civilisations were dim, unsophisticated or ignorant.  The reverse is more like the truth.   In palaeolithic times our ancestors lived in caves and created their world with a handful of flint and bone tools . They had skills 'as if from nowhere' and lived a life which people from today's world would find almost impossible to survive in, yet fifty thousand years ago (50,000!) Cro-magnon artists produced images of now extinct animals on the walls of their caves which for clarity of  line , artistic skill, anatomical accuracy and creative conception cannot be surpassed by any of the thousands of  trained artists today.  With just a chewed stick , pounded mineral colours and spit , by the light of a flickering fire,  these stupendous artists produced drawings astonishing in their execution.  Like the ones shown alongside and above which are from The Altimira Caves near Santander in Northern Spain. These paintings are on a large scale.   Most of the animals depicted are 2 metres across and there are thousands of such paintings - enough work to rival the Sistine chapel.

Do you remember the illustrations in the history books of what Cro-Magnon man was supposed to look like? - a hairy ape like creature with cretinous skull and jaw, lumbering clumsy gait; all but a joke?    The Xist people who created that historical lie destroyed these sophisticated paintings  whenever they found them in order to obliterate any concept of ancient man as being on a par with modern homo sapiens.  Just like they did with ancient Egyptian,  Sumerian and Akkadian Tombs.  The early Christian Coptics used to go round gang - handed hammering the faces off priceless ancient monuments and hieroglyphics so people who came after could not see the amazing achievements of these dead civilisations and could not reconstitute the pantheistic religions of Ancient Egypt.   Did you know that up until a hundred years ago the Pious Christians of Avebury in Wiltshire, England used to go out once every year and ceremonially break to bits one of the sacred stones in the unique Avebury stone circle, not far from Stonehenge?   Hundreds of stones were destroyed in this way and you can bet your bottom dollar that the first ones to go would have been the ones with the most important cup and ring markings - now lost to posterity.    In this and many other ways is our true heritage denied us.

In Ilkley, North Yorkshire, not far from where the Sorcerer's Apprentice is situated was found a high boulder carved with a Fylfot, one of the most ancient magical symbols in the history of the world.   The Ilkley Fylfot Stone was dated circa 3,000 BC.  What did the Fylfot  mean to the Mesolithic people who inhabited this area?   It is believed to be a  Sun-Wheel ; the first symbolic representation of the Sun.   Later, a second prehistoric Fylfot symbol was found , but this time across the world in Mycenae in Greece nearly 4,000 miles away!   This proved that a religious belief system could have spanned the known world in the middle stone age.   The implications are immense - is that why it is denied by the authorities and their archaeologists?

The famous Alexandrian Library was founded by Ptolemy in Egypt in 300 BC and was the academic centre of the world. Reputedly containing 700,000 exceedingly rare and advanced volumes on science, geometry, anatomy, biology and the arts, collected from previous civilisations.  It was a repository of the Ancient Wisdom par excellence yet nearly 400 years later when the Saracen hordes invaded they saw it as a threat to their world view and burned the library to the ground, probably putting back the development of mankind by thousands of years. .  

As you can see, we have been robbed of The Ancient Wisdom many times by those who wanted to keep the people ignorant.  Yet The Ancient Wisdom is still there, for anyone to access and reproduce.  The genius that the Sumerians tapped is still there.  The artistic genius that the cave painters of Altimira developed is still there in the astral. Marabas says that the Ancient Wisdom is an accumulated record of all that humanity has created and experienced. By activating it from within ourselves we can liberate our potential, truly know our own motivations and ambitions, learn to choose what is best for us in all things and stop ourselves and those who are close to us from  taking wrong turnings, falling into negative situations, and more.   So few people realise the awesome power of the Ancient Wisdom that they often overlook its potential.   Here in this superb book Marabas explains , simply and straightforwardly how anyone can activate a primordial skill which everyone has in them to connect with the Ancient Wisdom and to have the opportunity to perhaps change your life overnight.

DOORWAYS TO THE ANCIENT WISDOM:  Marabas has compiled this unique Dictionary of Very Ancient Axioms used by Ancient Greeks and Ancient Romans, along with a selection of  immemorial Proverbs and Common Wisdom coupled with an exclusive Lucid Reverie and Astral Travel Exercise penned by Marabas which is not available anywhere else.    This magical exercise shows the user how to employ any of the hundreds of rare axioms given here as 'gateways' into the Ancient Wisdom.    Thus by finding an appropriate Axiom and using the technique described in Doorways to The Ancient Wisdom one can enter the lower astral and connect with the same genius which spawned the wisdom originally. You can, Marabas insists, discover answers to the questions of  the cosmos, imbibing thousands of years of wisdom in the process.  Now, using the techniques explored in this book it is possible to obtain insight into any situation, dilemma, or state of mind. This guide/dictionary is also ideal for creating your own unique magical mottos and magical names and it can also be used to understand and possibly overcome every-day problems in your life. Marabas reveals how.   The book is a fantastic aid for any sincere seeker after The Truth and a unique first step on the road to re-engaging with The Ancient Wisdom.   Do not miss this first edition.


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