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How to Make & Use

In this book Master Magician Nigel Clough
shows how to use Magic Mirrors:

As a Psychic Shield,
As a Doorway to Astral Travel ,
For Psychic Healing,
As a Telescopic Eye
and more.....

Enshrined within the folk-legends of many cultures is the symbol of an all-seeing, all truthful magic eye which can transcend time and space. This has its origins in the mists of time and has given rise to folk-tales such as Sleeping Beauty where the idea of A Wise Woman employing a magic mirror to see things happening elsewhere was misrepresented as the machinations of a wicked step-mother...

Few people realise just how accurate these legends are. Witches and Magicians have traditionally used Magic Mirrors to make powerful magic and now at last, the secrets of how they manufacture their mirrors using a step by step process which anyone can do at home, have been published in this amazing handbook. HOW TO MAKE & USE MAGIC MIRRORS by Nigel Clough is a treasure house of practical advice and Mirror lore presented in a way beginners can easily understand and apply: Just look at some of the contents.