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Io Pan! Io Pan Pan! Pan! Io Pan!


There have been several noteworthy Invocations to Pan, (the Arcadian God of hills, woods and protective deity of flocks, herdsman and hunters) in literature. The most celebrated is probably Hymn to Pan by Aleister Crowley but this wonderful and passionate magical poem is rarely used by Wiccans because of its Thelemic context. Crowley's invocation was probably influenced by Keats' Hymn To Pan (which some consider the best of his poetical works). In turn Keats is said to have been been enthused by Ben Jonson's little-known 17 Century poem 'Pan's Anniversary' which we reproduce below as a fine and sympathetic invocation suitable for use in solo or group worship by neo-pagans everywhere.

Pan's Anniversary

Ben Jonson

Of Pan we sing, the best of singers, Pan,
          That taught us swains how first to tune our lays,
And on the pipe more airs then Phoebus can.
          Hear, O you groves, and hills resound his praise.

Of Pan we sing, the best of leaders, Pan,
          That leads the Naiads and the Dryads forth,
And to their dances more then Hermes can.
          Hear, O you groves, and hills resound his worth.

Of Pan we sing, the best of hunters, Pan,
          That drives the hart to seek unusèd ways,
And in the chase more then Silvanus can.
          Hear, O you groves, and hills resound his praise.

Of Pan we sing, the best of shepherds, Pan,
          That keeps our flocks and us, and both leads forth
To better pastures then great Pales can.
          Hear, O you groves, and hills resound his worth;
          And while his powers and praises thus we sing,
          The valleys let rebound and all the rivers ring.


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