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See What Other Seekers Say

Because we are true we constantly receive grateful letters of thanks from our clients. This is their good news to you. The small sample of testimonials reproduced below is just a selection of those which regularly flow into our offices. They are all completely unsolicited - customers spontaneously write to thank us because they are so grateful at not only having access to genuine materials, but for the wisdom and knowledge which turns those materials into a solution for their magick. Unlike many made-up testimonials used as a sales-ploy by unscrupulous businesses within the occult (now outlawed but a con trick which is still being used by some to dupe the unwary, particularly on the internet) , the following genuine testimonials are available for viewing/corroboration at our offices in Leeds, Yorkshire. (Please note, initials only are used to protect the confidentiality of clients)

Dear Marabas, I owe you a debt of gratitude because......

Can It All Be True?

So, if you are a doubter you are maybe saying to yourself. Could it be a con?
Perhaps they made the letters up (we didn't, as you can see from the facsimiles of actual letters above).
Maybe these people are dysfunctional? ( No, they're not).
Maybe they are the type of eccentrics who will write anything? (Not true, they are intelligent aware people like yourself).
Maybe they are the exceptions to the rule and any firm will collect some letters like this over 30 years? ( No they are not exceptions. Remember, this is only a small, RANDOM selection from a filing cabinet bulging at the seams with similar letters - you'll find many even more astonishing examples peppered through our printed lists and you can click here to see a whole lot more on this site - these letters flow in virtually daily).
Well, then, Maybe we offered inducements - free gifts, money etc? (No, we didn't do that either - these people wrote on their own volition because they wanted to share their good news with doubters like yourself, as the actual letters show).
Okay, then, if that's all true, tell me this, why doesn't EVERYONE buy from the S.A.? Good question. We asked Marabas. He said:

"The majority of people inadvertently destroy their own magic because they refuse to believe in the truly improbable. Raw beginners to magick who simply TRUST can often obtain better results than those who seek intellectual rationalisation, because their expectancies are stronger. In short, for Miracles to happen you have to expect them to. The very best magic demands a belief in the 'Immanence of the Impossible', but because of the scientific materialist educational system people are trained to distrust intuitions of this kind. To see them as some sort of weakness or naive gullibility and quickly insulate themselves from any possibility of success by scoffing at its 'immaturity'. Such people will often go to extraordinary lengths to deny what their heart, eyes and ears tell them and thereby dislocate themselves from the possibility of magical and creative opportunity.

In the modern world there is a constant battle between Science and Art" An artist looks at a gnarled tree and sees colours, depths, patterns, textures and even an emotional content reflected in the simulacra of the patterns of the bark. He senses intuitive stimuli in the tree which he can portray in a painting which adds a completely different perspective totally unlike and far more satisfying than a straightforward photograph of the tree. His painting then carries a message of all that the artist has sensed and acts as a doorway into those perceptions for others who look at it.

The scientist on the other hand sees the practical mechanical end result of neurone reflexes caused by stimulus from the retina of the eye which results in hand and eye co-ordination linked to Wernecke's area in the brain..... In short Science has no soul and doesn't value anyone who does.

As usual Marabas has it right on the  button.  It's easy to see this cynical self-destruction everywhere and it is amazing to see the lengths some people will go to in order to maintain their 'scientific' world view.

So this is the real test. Are you like the gainsayers who insist on magic not working - and who then feel vindicated when it doesn't; little realising that they have subconsciously actually worked successful magic to get the negative result they desired!  

Or are you like the writers of the letters above (and thousands more like them). Good people who succeed in life using esoteric principles and add another dimension to their reality by taking the Magical Advantage. People who intuitively feel that wonders exist and want a piece for themselves?  Well then, the Test is simple, don't beat about the bush - send in an order and test us out. Suck it and see! It needn't cost you an arm and a leg to prove Dave wrong. In fact you don't even have to wait - you can test us right now, today, this instant,  by clicking on this link and downloading one or two unique spells and ceremonies from Marabas's Occult Exercises & Practices range.  You will be astounded at Marabas's genuine teachings!  

Just one try-out order will decide you one way or the other and could very well change the entire course of your life for the better. If you can think of any more reasons why you shouldn't act it would be a bad sign. Questions? Email Or include them in your first order and Marabas will answer them. Become part of the S.A. experience and like the clients above, you could be writing your own letters of thanks.

Click here if you want to read more good news - more unsolicited testimonials which show how others like yourself have changed their lives using Marabas's knowledge and goods


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