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  Book Of Shadows

Book of Shadows?

There is no absolutely definitive Book of Shadows. The very name is an allegorical similie. A book can cast its own shadow but it cannot contain shadows. However the metaphor of 'shadow' plainly and intuitively refers to things which are of the other-world; esoteric things which exist hidden just in shadow, beyond the world we see as 'normal' and which may be reached and manipulated using occult methods. The term Book of Shadows apositely refers to the secret teachings of the Pagan Witch Cult.

The title is not an ancient one. Witches in Ancient times were from rustic stock and few could read or write. In any event they would never have knowingly written down any of their knowledge because this would have immediately condemned them to death if discovered.

Most of their lore was contained in rhymes, chants and dogerels, often using allegory or lost languages or dialects (such as the "Yan Tan Tethera" chant, the remnant of a counting system of ancient Celtic herdsmen) and of course, legends, folk-stories and faery-stories which perpetuated the lore of paganism.

The festivals and ceremonies of paganism were continued simply by their observance in isolated pagan families and passed from mouth to ear until society had evolved sufficiently to repeal the ancient Witchcraft laws and create a rational climate where public interest grew about the Old Religion.

At that point several pagans and occultists came forward to popularise Witchcraft of whom Gerald B. Gardner was perhaps the most influential. His various books, in particular The Meaning of Witchcraft and Witchcraft for Today, gave the framework upon which the religion of neo-paganism / or Wicca as GBG called it, has been reconstructed.

Although the term Book of Shadows had historically been used occasionally as a euphemism for other spiritual and divinatory works outside of paganism, (the ancient Hindus had a divinatory method of analysing the shadow of a person and this was also termed The Book of Shadows), the first use within Paganism was probably when Gardner employed it in his High Magic's Aid - a novel which reveals considerable craft lore.

Though Gardner had formulated his own Witches Workbook, intended for general consumption prior to the publication of High Magic's Aid, he began referring to this as The Book of Shadows after HMA was published and so coined the term which has stuck.

A Coven is an organic thing. As each person in the group is trained-up there will inevitably come a time after a few years when experienced members will, with the blessing of the priest and priestess, be ready to hive-off and begin a 'daughter' coven.

Traditionally this is the time when the person who is leaving to start the new coven will copy out the lore, tenets and ceremonies of the Mother coven.

This forms the new coven's basic Book of Shadows and it is of course much amended and supplemented by 'daughter' covens as they mature and continue to evolve the styles of training and worship which have been handed down.

In modern times, when there appears to be no need for any secrecy, often the Book of Shadows will also include a 'recipe book' of herb and healing lore and spells which have been tried and tested.

As you can see therefore. Every Book of Shadows will follow an expected framework of pagan observance (The Traditions) but each one is also a product of the lineage, feyness, knowledge, wisdom and skills of the people who developed it.

GBG's Witch's Mill

This is an illustration from Marabas's collection of the front cover of the guidebook to Gerald Gardner's Witch's Mill Museum, once located on the Isle of Man.

Genuine Witchcraft & Spellcasting

The REAL Thing by REAL Witches a unique course which you can download instantly right now.Calling
                Down The Moon

Get back to source with this unique historic recording of Witches 'coming out' at the birth of the explosion in Paganism in Europe with
Chapters From The Book of Shadows: The Art and practice of witchcraft

Chapters From The Book of Shadows is a superb audio-recording originally made by an experienced Old Coven of Witches based in Essex, England during the 1970s. We believe it to be the most comprehensive compendium of traditional Witchcraft ever produced and a historical documentation of the Rites of the early Witches. Virtually every aspect of the Craft is covered making this recording invaluable to the serious student of the Occult Arts, particularly those who wish to form their own covens and have been unable to break through the barrier of silence  (or ignorance) which still surrounds so much of the Old Religion today. Particularly useful to our American cousins who want to go to source and compare that with what passes for neo-paganism in the U.S. today.

This audio recording, which you can download and listen to 'instantly' right now,  contains full instructions for the original methods of Casting of Circles, Preparation and Charging of Magical Tools, Ritual Preparation, Maintaining Control within the Circle etc. In addition all the important Rites and Festivals of Traditional Witchcraft are included and have been recorded in their entirety so you can simply chant along with them or learn/adapt them to your own coven. On this amazing recording you will hear and experience original performances just as they happened of:


Take heart, this recording is not the 'same old same old'. As you will see from the detailed list of contents below this is one of the original sources for all that has been produced about the Craft since - but, we maintain, a lot of that interpretation  in modern books and tracts on paganism has been corrupted or misinterpreted.  Now you get a chance to see how it can really be from source.  

All of these rites are absolutely authentic and are narrated by a truly experienced and initiated High Priest (Frater Sisto) and his Priestess of the Craft.  This man was visionary enough to want to enshrine the genuine teachings to protect them from corruption and misinterpretation. At the time the uproar in the Craft was so great when these secrets were first revealed that a lady priestess who was originally initiated by Gerald Gardner cast the 'Curse of the Goddess' upon the coven which revealed the information. That was a very long time ago and with today's new attitude against secrecy it seems unduly harsh  but does give a clue as to the authenticity of this recording.  Distribution of the recording continued and has reportedly influenced for the better many of the existing Neo-Pagan covens in the U.K. and U.S.A. The originator of the recording passed to the Summerlands some years ago (from natural causes we hasten to add!) and bestowed exclusive rights to reproduce this recording to the Sorcerer's Apprentice®. Chapters from the Book of Shadows is only available from the S.A. and at just £16.97 including post should be in every Coven's library.  Don't miss it!

Detailed list of contents of 

Chapters From The Book of Shadows: The Art and Practice of Witchcraft

Volume 1:
The Witch's Necklace, other magical jewellery, Magical Robes / the Magical Garment, Skyclad working, how to make your own garments and what to incorporate, Shoes/Sandals, The Magical Belt/Girdle and its symbolism;  Planetary colours;  Ancient colours;  The Cap or Circlet - how and when it is used by the priest and priestess;  symbolism.

 Lesson 2: THE GREAT AND THE SMALL MAGIC CIRCLES:  Dimensions, what they circles are form and  how to use them, what practices to perform in each.  Magical Ceremonies outdoors and why all covens should attempt them. The Small Magic Circle- when solo workers should use it. Outdoor sites best to use to cast a circle;  How to disguise your outdoor workings and other aspects of privacy. Working Indoors. The Purification Bath and Sacred Ablutions complete with visualisation to use.  Robing,  The Order of Precedence - who sets up the circle/temple and why.  Privacy precautions, arrangement of the Altar and setting up for the rite.  Cleansing of the magical equipment.  Casting the circle with triple circle dimensions. Setting up the Cardinal Points, where to place the Magic Mirror and position the Altar.

Lesson 3: CONDUCTING THE RITES:  Training the novitiate, hints and tips on artistic and dramatic performance of the rites and the use of the voice. Personal tutelage of the coveners, control during the rites, discipline, transgressions, punishments.  Pairing of the sexes, balancing the coven sexually and the reasons for it.  Special sexual balance requirements for the Great Circle.  The Sign of The Pentagram, why it is used and how to make it.  Ancient method of Saluting The Lady.

Lesson 4: CONSECRATION AND USE OF THE MAGICAL TOOLS AND AMULETS:  Consecration within the circle. Loading/Charging the tools for specified periods of time, one day, one week, one month, one year etc. Athame consecration times.  Why an Athame should never draw blood.  Prescribed designs of Athames and appropriate symbolism whcih can be applied to the handle before consecration.  The Witch's Magical Sword, instructions on use in greater ceremonies. The need to cleanse and purify elemental weapons prior to first consecration. Symbolism to be applied.  The wand; dimensions, materials, preparation with Condenser, making wand tips etc.  Appropriate designs for the  Cup/Chalice.  The  Pentacle, it's  design, materials and the essential symbols required asl well as the reason for their use.   Charging the magical tools. How to store magical energies in the elemental weapons and release the power unto the will of the user.  Incense - how and why it is used to open up the gap between the worlds. Developing additional knowledge, the training and evolution of the witch. Required reading and subjects to research.

Lesson 5: PREPARATION OF THE MAGIC MIRROR. The importance of the magic mirror in the craft and its use in evocation. How to make a magic mirror yourself using common or garden household  items.  Construction and preparation. Actual recording of a rite for the conseration of a magic mirror. How to apply magical condenser to the mirror.

Lesson 6: CEREMONY OF CASTING THE GREAT CIRCLE:  Detailed ceremony of casting the Great  circle and invocation of the four quarters along with actual full recording in a real rite, including Pore Breathing and the consecration of the Salt and Water as well as vitalisation of the Magic Mirror. The consecration of the Coveners before the God and Goddess.

Lesson 7: LEAVING THE CIRCLE:  How to cleave a cast Circle to allow safe entry or exit during a ceremony.  Disolving the Circle. Procedure for dismissing the Spirits and Closing Down the Circle. Draping the Mirror. Using the Magical Sword to dismember the circle.

Lesson 8: CONJURATION OF THE MEAL OR CAKES:  Symbolism and actual recording of the conjuration as it happens.

Lesson 9: CONJURATION OF THE WINE:  with an actual performance  of the rite.

Lesson 10:  THE RITE OF CALLING DOWN THE MOON:  Full performance of this essential rite including an invocation of Dianna. Incorporates Pore Breathing culminates in the posession of the High Priestess by the Goddess and the use of the Mediumistic Trance which follows.

Lesson 11: BASIC RITE OF MAGIC:  A simple procedure for casting spells appropriate to the solo worker.  The  Declaration of Magical Intent, the Dance, Sexual alternation, frenzy, use of the Magical Catalyst, invocation of the Wish with actual recording of a live performance of this happening.

Lesson 12: GENERAL  RITE OF MAGIC:  Ritual for magic by the entire coven.  The secret recipe for the Magical Catylist.  Preparing a Visualisation Symbol and how to use it. The Unification of the Wills of the Coveners. Actual  recording of a worked rite as illlustration. The secret of Climactic Transferral of collective magical  energy.

Volume 2: 

Lessons 1 to 8:  Contains full performances of the eight major witchcraft  festivals of the year so you can chant along or learn / adapt  them for use in your own coven.  Rite for Halloween :   Rite for Yule :   Rite for Candlemass Eve :   Rite for The Spring Equinox :  Rite for Beltaine : Rite for Midsummer Day : Rite for Lammas : Rite for The Autumn Equinox :

Download your copy of this amazing information NOW and we promise you that you will not regret it.

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Time-Tested Erotic Spells

Frater Sisto also produced a recorded course on all aspects of Love Magick for his coveners and the S.A. are now releasing this to clients who are interested PROVIDING that they sign the declaration below confirming that they are over 18 and confirming that they understand that some of the spells on the CD embody shocking invocations of unbridled sexual lust. It is not therefore a recording for faint hearts and if you are small minded about such things DO NOT SEND FOR THE CD as we have no wish to offend. Time-Tested Erotic spells contains EIGHTEEN rites and operations of Natural Magic anciently used by witches to Enhance Sexual Magnetism. Thoroughly time-tested and claimed to be very effective by a number of Witchcraft Covens in East Anglia, the heart of English Witch Country. You will hear the following:

  • A SEDUCTION SPELL so-called

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The price is the same wherever you live in the world!


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