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A Sample Of The Valuable Things You Can Discover and Experiment With When You Possess This Manuscript

What and How Many be the Forms of Veritable Magic

What We Should Consider Before Undertaking This Operation

Of the Age and Quality of the Person Who Wisheth to Undertake This Operation

That the Greater Number of Magical Books are False and Vain

That in This Operation it is not Necessary to Regard the Time, Nor the Day, Nor the Hours

Concerning the Planetary Hours and Other Errors of the Astrologers

Regarding What it is Necessary to Accomplish During the First Two Moons...

Concerning the Two Second Moons

Concerning the Two Last Moons Which Must Be Thus Commenced

Concerning What Things a Man May Learn and Study During These Two Moons

Concerning the Selection of the Place

How One Should Keep Oneself in Order to Carry Out This Operation Well

Concerning the Convocation of the Good Spirits

Concerning the Convocation of the Spirits

Concerning What You Should Demand of the Spirits...

Concerning the Sending Them Away

What We Should Answer Unto the Interrogations of the Spirits, and How We Should Resist Their Demands

How He Who Operateth Should Behave as Regardeth the Spirits

A Descriptive List of the Names of the Spirits...

How the Operations Should be Performed

By Whom the Symbols of the Chapters of the Third Book be Manifested

Unto What Prince the Operations of Each Chapter are Submitted

To Know All Manner of Things Past and Future

Magical Symbols:

To Obtain Information Concerning, and to be Enlightened Upon All Sorts of Propositions and All Doubtful Sciences

To cause any Spirit to appear, and take any form, such as of Man, Animal, Bird, etc.

For Divers Visions

How we may retain the Familiar Spirits bond or free in whatsoever form

To cause the Spirits to perform with facility and promptitude all necessary Chemical labours and Operations, as regardeth Metals especially

To hinder any Necromantic or Magical Operations from taking effect against you...

To Know the Secrets of Any Person

To Cause a Dead Body to Revive...

To Render Oneself Invisible Unto Every Person

To Find and Take Possession of All Kinds of Treasures...

To Fly in the Air and Travel Any Whither Astrally

To Heal Divers Maladies

For Every Description of Affection and Love.

To Excite ... Hatred and Enmity, Discords, Quarrels, etc.

To Transform Oneself, and Take Different Faces and Forms

[How to] ... Cast Spells, and Work Every Kind of Evil

To Demolish Buildings and Strongholds

To Discover Any Thefts That Hath Occurred

To Open Every Kind Of Lock...

To Cause Visions to Appear

To Have as Much Gold and Silver as One May Wish...

..... And Much, Much More...

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Ancient Chained Copy of The Sacred Magic of Abra Melin The Mage


Most Initiated Magicians Acknowledge That
The Sacred Magic of Abra Melin The Mage
Has Changed The Course of Mankind's History
What Could It Do For YOU?

The Book of The Sacred Magic of Abra-Melin The Mage is one of the most powerful and genuine magical grimoires of all time. It contains Three genuine ancient books concerning the magical pilgrimage of an initiate and a discovered method of using sacred talismanic squares to produce magical results. It contains a complete regime of purification and preparation to make contact with one's Holy Guardian Angel and overcome one's personal daemon. Highly respected by all genuine occultists - particularly by Crowley this magical workbook is exceptional and should be on every serious occultists bookshelf. This S.A. cyberbook edition includes all the secret magical squares with detailed instructions on vitalising and focussing them. Why all you need do is print out the magical squares and put them to work. It is the ultimate Magical Grimoire.

Just look at the partial list of contents in the left-most column

This rare treatise remained largely unknown to the modern world until that great occultists MacGregor Mathers, head of the massively influential Gold Dawn Magical Order, unearthed it in the recesses of the Bibliothèque de l'Arsenal in Paris in the late 19th century. His masterly translation of the original musty mauscript complete with initiated comments, insights and advice, make this edition a powerful key to the obtaining of genuine magical powers.

How Macgregor Mathers Rediscovered The Sacred Magic

In his later years the eminent Marquis de Paulny devoted himself to the formation of a Library, said to be one of the richest private collections known. It is situated on the right bank of the Seine,and is known as the "Bibliotheque de l'Arsenal". In round numbers it now possesses 700,000 printed books, and about 8000 manuscripts, many of them being of considerable value. Among the latter is this Book of the Sacred Magic of Abra-Melin, as delivered by Abraham the Jew unto his son Lamech; which I now give to the public in printed form for the first time.

I know of no other existing copy or replica of this Sacred Magic of Abra-Melin, not even in the British Museum, whose enormous collection of Occult Manuscripts I have very thoroughly studied.

Neither have I ever heard by traditional report of the existence of any other copy. 1 In giving it now to the Public, I feel, therefore, that I am conferring a real benefit upon English and American students of Occultism, by placing within their reach for the first time a Magical work of such importance from the Occult standpoint.

Of What Does The Book Consist?

The First Book contains advice concerning Magic, and a description of Abraham's Travels and experiences, as well as a mention of the many marvellous works he had been able to accomplish by means of this system of Sacred Magic. The Second and Third Books (which really contain the Magic of Abra-Melin, and are practically based on the two MSS. entrusted by him to Abraham, the Jew, but with additional comments by the latter) differ in style from the former... The work may then be thus roughly classified.--
  • First Book:=Advice and Autobiography; both addressed by the Author to his son Lamech.
  • Second Book:=General and complete description of the means of obtaining the Magical Powers desired.
  • Third Book:=The application of these Powers to produce an immense number of Magical results.

This system of Sacred Magic Abraham acknowledges to have received from the Mage Abra-Melin; and claims to have himself personally and actually wrought most of the wonderful effects described in the Third Book, and many others besides. Who then was this Abraham the Jew? It is possible, though there is no mention of this in the MS., that he was a descendant of that Abraham the Jew who wrote the celebrated Alchemical work on twenty-one pages of bark or papyrus, which came into the hands of Nicholas Flamel, and by whose study the latter is said eventually to have attained the possession of the "Stone of the Wise".

From his own account, the author of the present work appears to have been born in. A. D. 1362, and to have written this manuscript for his son, Lamech, in 1458, being then in his ninety-sixth year. That is to say, that he was the contemporary both of Nicholas Flamel and Pernelle, and also of the mystical Christian Rosenkreutz, the founder of the celebrated Rosicrucian Order or Fraternity in Europe. Like the latter, he appears to have been very early seized with the desire of obtaining Magical Knowledge; like him and Flamel, he left his home and travelled in search of the Initiated Wisdom; like them both, he returned to become a worker of wonders.

There is probably no ancient grimoire with such a reputation for efficacy as The Sacred Magic of Abra Melin The Mage. Read what eminent modern magician and historian Francis King had to say in his monumental Magic in The Western Tradition:(1975)

The Sacred Magic of Abra Melin expresses its doctrine, and the technique which depends from it, more clearly, and more consistently, than any other grimoire.

The machinery of the cosmos is seen as operated by demons under the direction of angels; man is seen as standing between the angelic and the demonic - each human being having attached to his or her soul a malevolent demon and a 'Holy Guardian Angel The object of the processes taught in The Sacred Magic was the obtaining of 'the Knowledge and Conversation' of this Holy Guardian Angel - once this had been done the magician could control the demons who run the universe, raise the dead, heal the sick, find great treasures and even fly [ astrally ].

How Aleister Crowley Used The Sacred Magic to usher-in The Age Of Horus

Macgregor Mathers [ had discovered the Sacred Magic of Abra Melin ] in the Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris, and translated it into English. Abra-Melin's rituals differ markedly from those of other grimoires for example, the Key of Solomon or Sword of Moses, with their solemn invocation of demons; all performed from within a magic circle; by comparison, Abra-Melin is quiet and almost mystical in tone, and the invocations sound like prayers. No magic circle or pentacle is required merely a 'holy place, such as an altar constructed in a wood. ..The magician must 'inflame himself with prayer". If he is successful his Holy Guardian Angel will manifest himself, and he will instruct the magician in good and evil spirits.

Crowley began practising Abra-Melin magic in his Chancery Lane temple, with me help of Bennett and his friend Jones. And he seems to have obtained almost immediate results. There is no need to disbelieve him when he says 'during this time, magical phenomena were of constant occurrence"... At all events^ Crowley found that 'demons' came unsought and that semi-solid shadows were appearing on the stairs. He locked the temple door before leaving for dinner with Jones; when he came back, it was open, and the furniture had been disarranged and symbols flung on the floor...

...It was obvious that London was no place to carry out the full ritual prescribed by Abra-Melin the Mage... He searched throughout most of 1899, and finally found what he wanted on the southern shore of Loch Ness, near Foyers; it was called Boleskine House, ... Crowley began preparing the magical squares he would need for the Abra-Melin ritual. The immediate result was a strange shadow that made it necessary to use artificial light even on the brightest day. After that, the house 'became peopled with shadowy shapes', and a friend who had come to stay with him was suddenly seized with panic, and left without saying goodbye. Still [Crowley] persisted with his invocations, and practised kabbalistic techniques of astral travel, seeing visions of fire angels, earth spirits and other elementals. [extract from ALEISTER CROWLEY: THE NATURE OF THE BEAST. (Colin Wilson) Aquarian 1987]

The Book of The Law - a result of the Abra Melin Sequence

Aleister Crowley In His Prime The experiments by Crowley into the Abra Melin system were a turning point. In 1904 he completed the Cairo Working,
'The operation out of which came The Book of The Law'

Thus The most recent world-religion of Thelema and the entire direction of Crowley's magical system was a direct result of his employment of the magic of Abra Melin. Crowley made this clear when he wrote:

'Perdurabo composed His talisman by invoking His Holy Guardian Angel according to the Scared Magick of Abramelin The Mage. That Angel wrote on the lamen the Word of the Aeon. The Book of the Law is this writing.',

pp233, Magick in Theory and Practice.

All this must not, of course, be taken too literally. Those modem magicians, notably S. L. MacGregor Mathers, Aleister Crowley and Dion Fortune, who have seriously studied the system of Abra-Melin affirm that the 'Holy. Guardian Angel' must not be taken as an entity in its own right but as the deepest layer of the unconscious, the ultimate ego which is most truly 'I' and yet, paradoxically enough, partakes of the nature of the Divine.

.....Following this there are seven days of supernatural phenomena, notably the appearance of the Angel to the magician in order to teach him the art of controlling spirits, both good and evil. Only when this has been done can the magician safely use the 'Abra-Melin talismans', lettered squares supposedly capable of producing great wonders.

Such spectacular stories must tend to give the impression that The Sacred Magic is a somewhat sensational occult system. Nothing could be further from the truth; in its entirety the system verges on quietism - Abra-Melin is far from the flamboyance associated with many of the grimoires and approaches more nearly the calm intellectualism of some of the scholar magicians of the Renaissance.


SACRED MAGIC OF ABRA MELIN THE MAGE: just £8.97 (Mathers S.L. [Macgregor Mathers] ) One of the most powerful and genuine magical grimoires of all time at a ridiculously low price only made possible by ebook technology. You can be 'holding it in your hands' in minutes. Contains Three ancient books concerning the magical pilgrimage of an initiate and a discovered method of using sacred talismanic squares to produce magical results. Contains a complete regime of purification and preparation to make contact with The Holy Guardian Angel and gain control over personal daemons. Highly respected by all genuine occultists - particularly Crowley who noted that his massively influential Liber Al was a direct result of him doing the Abra Melin workings. . Includes the magical squares with instructions on vitalising and focussing them. Excellent. Three Hundred Pages of initiated instruction. The magical squares for diverse results magic effects. Download 'instantly' and be using it in minutes. Just print out the magical squares and follow the instructions to experiment. This is the ultimate magical grimoire in an accessible and readable format with clear illustrations and other improvements in layout for easy understanding and use by Frater Marabas. Not the usual slab of impenetrable and largely useless text which seems de-rigeur for many cobbled-together Ebooks. And, like all S.A. products, if you ever have any need for clarification of a magical method found in any of our Ebooks then you can always email Marabas for an explanation. That's often worth the price of the Ebook alone. Just click on the *.pdf file and read on your computer screen, or print out sections as you need them, ( or indeed print the entire book, if you so wish)

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Do it now and you can be reading this important treatise in minutes wherever you live in the world...

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We are an established bookshop and have thousands of books on our shelves but as the scope of publishing changes radically in response to Information Technology rarer magical works are not being reprinted for they are amongst the most costly of books to reproduce being a cross between a textbook and an art book.

To provide clients with maximum choice we are therefore running both printed and digital versions of most of our range as you will see from this booklist.

If you've never tried downloading S.A. Cyberbooks before then you are in for a wonderful surprise because unlike regular ebooks (which have hardly any formatting or illustrations and are often difficult to read and understand), S.A. Cyberbooks are set out just like the original printed book and are super-clear and easy to use. Just double-click on the file and you're there.

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S.A. Cyberbooks have many advantages over the printed versions. For example, you can search through for every instance of a divine name or word or technique or method to speed-learn the skills (you needn't plough through hundreds of pages of reading first)

You can read the book any number of times on your computer screen or print out the entire book if you wish, or just the chapter or section you are interested in. And you can upscale the text so you could, for example, print out the script of a ceremony or a chant / spell in large type to make it easier to read during your rite; or if you are hard of sight. (Ideal also for those who may wear glasses but don't want to during a ceremony).

You don't even have to draw out the talismans from a grimoire - just print them off when you need them and colour them in! This is particularly useful if the original talismans are in a secret script because then you know you are getting the exact thing the writer of the grimoire meant and will not introduce mistakes through copying which might nullify the magic. If you are transfering sigils from a grimoire onto a wand or knife handle etc., just scale them to the best size, print them out, stick the printed paper onto the wand etc. and engrave around.

As you can see there are so many advantages, not the least of which is price because S.A. Cyberbooks enable you to possess rare manuscripts for peanuts which would otherwise cost an arm and a leg. And of course, you can access a whole world of genuine occult teachings in an instant. Even a large grimoire with many illustrations will only take a few minutes to download to your computer. You can do it 24/7, when it is convenient to you - no waiting - and you don't have to pay exhorbitant shipping costs so ideal for overseas clients. You get the crucial magical techniques just when YOU want them. An important consideration if you have a pressing problem to fix.

Remember that all S.A. Cyberbooks have been edited and formatted by Marabas so are absolutely trustworthy. Unlike many ebooks we have seen offered on the net which have been wrongly paginated, with drawings so small they are impossible to use, and even with incorrect words substituted in the text by conversion programs which weren't meant to handle esoteric terminology. Such ebooks are not worth a light however cheap they may at first appear and with S.A. Cyberbooks users have an email link with Marabas to clarify anything they don't understand. A facility often worth its' weight in gold which nobody else can match.

If you really must use your Kindle or other palm-type ebook reader, then you can convert any of our S.A. Cyberbooks to fit your kindle anyway - and you'll still have the original file for use when you are at your main computer. Lastly, keep in mind that at the S.A. we offer you a cast-iron lifetime guarantee. We will replace any S.A. Cyberbook for you if you accidentally erase it, or your computer goes on the blink (though we would expect you to keep back-up copies normally). Try it once and you may never want for a printed book again.

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