Condensed (partial) Contents Index of  MARABAS SAYS

Abra Melin Oil - why formulae must not be altered, Accumulator Liquid - how to use;
Alcoholic Tinctures - not harmful, Alex Sanders Genuine?, Alexandrian Witchcraft,
Alphabets - Phoneticising magical scripts, Alternative Healing methods,
Alternative Healing on a do-it-yourself basis, Amaracon Oil - very ancient prozac,
Amethyst Healing Ring, Ancient formulae for magical concoctions,
Angelic Images, Anteros Oil for Gay pagans, Aspergillums and Hyssop ,
Astonishing Books firebombing, Astral fluid;
Astral Larvae - and their dissimilitude to Elementals, Astral Links in Magic,
Astral Mirror vs Magic Mirrors, Astral Projection- phenomena surrounding partial projection ,
Astral Projection versus Mental Vacuity, Astral Temples,
Athames & Magical Knives - how to make them,
Athames - how to make a handle from layered wood, Autowriters / Planchettes,

Banishing Ritual of the Lesser Pentagram, Baphomet - why most images are wrong,
Biblical & Mythological Allegory, Binding ritual, Blood - vitalising mixtures with your own,
Body regeneration through magical visualisation, Bolines & Athames not the same;
Breaking Up A Relationship - with-karma methods, British Human Rights Act,

Candles - necessity for; Candles Magical and colour symbolism, Carrying Athames in public,
Censorship - by relatives and spouses, Change Consciousness Thru Spinning,
Chaos Magic - pretenders on the Net, Charlatans - advice can be dangerous ,
Charlatans and con men posing as adepts, Civet how to use genuine;
Cleansing objects with Chinese Wash, Cleansing with Purifying Oil, Condenser formulae,
Contact Healing, Contact Services - the dangers,
Correspondences - how to calculate from names of the godforms,
Correspondences for magical workings, Creative Muse Oil - successful for magicians / artists,
Crowley - recommended reading list, Crowley Tarot Deck, Crowley- Human Sacrifice smears,
Crystal Balls - differences between types, Crystal Balls - how to hold for best skrying,
Crystals - double terminated New Age claptrap, Cults That Kill - and other astral flotsam,

Dislocation - early symptoms in beginners, Disposing of occult consumables safely,
Divination as presage to magical spells, Divination Methods - alternatives will bring success,
Divination Systems to help the magician's or Witch's path, DIY Magic - why you HAVE to do it yourself ,
Dweller on The Threshold, Elecampagne Root for lung infections,

Elemental forces - how they occur,
Elemental Symbol Cards -use to gain control over elements, Elementals - multiple forms,
Embalming Fluid of The Pharaohs, Familiars, Fear - overcoming unnecessary axieties about magic,
Fight against censorship and suppression, Finding lost objects & People, Gardnerian Pantacle - original,

Gods - petitioning them as a beginner, Golden Dawn, Golden Dawn Telesmatic Images,
Grimoires - Best of - reading list, Gurus - their responsibilities and actions, Halloween / Samhain rites,

Hexes - tricks used to cast mojos, High John The Conqueror Oil - use for legal/formal meetings,
Holy Guardian Angels, Hopi Dream Weed - to contact the spirit planes,

I-Ching - initiated aspects of the Book of Changes, Image Dolls - cloth poppets versus wax dolls,
Image dolls - how they work on the astral, Image Dolls P63 for love and healing magic,
Insider Trading by psychic means?, Intolerance and censorship of alternative beliefs by orthodoxies,
Invocation of godforms - a selected reading list of the best, Invoking Godforms - explained,
Invoking Guardians, Key of Solomon Grimoire, Kyphi - genuine formula Ancient Egyptian Magical Oil,

La Vey - gratitude the chattering classes owe, Liquid Accumulator - Liquid Gold already in there,
Lobsang Rampa - propaganda against, Love Magic - morality in working,
Love Spell - reversing it later on, Magic - its power and purpose,

Magic Circle Cord - more practical than any other method, Magic Circles - absolute necessity for using,
Magic Mirror demon magnet, Magic Mirrors - difference between reflective and blackened,
Magical Oils - general instructions on their use, Magical Oils - how to focus on a target,
Magical Oils - multiple use of to attract a straying lover, Magical Oils - rules for combining them,
Magick Circles - solo for personal use, Magnetic Healing, Making Contact - why it appears difficult sometimes,
Manson Charles, Media - misuse and exploitation, Mind Control devices,
Missing information in spellbooks, Moon - Lunar force and when to use it,

Necronomicon versions,
New Age Overload, Noisy Neighbours - how to deal with them,

Obsession with ritual accuracy,
Ouija Board - making contact, Ouija Board training, Ouija Boards - amateurs will waste your time,

Partly Abled Students - methods of learning via Marabas, Persecution - countermanding with magic,
Persecution - how to cope with it, Pestle & Mortars - benefit of different types,
Planetary Hours and best times for magic, Pregnancy Oil -aiding conception, Premature Ejaculation,
Protecting the Ancient Wisdom, Protecting Yourself against psychic attack , Protection against evil spirits,
Protection against religious victimisation, Protection from Harm Oil, Protection Oil - how to use ,
Protection Rite, Psychic Attacks from an unknown source, Psychic Self Defence - Marabas lecture tape,
Psychic Vampires - magical methods to rid, Purification Bath - using in a shower cubicle,
Purification Bath Salts - use to cleanse your aura,

Quartz Crystal Balls differences & use,

Reminiscence - the power of perfume over mind, Ritual Incense - why it must be granulated,
Rosy Cross Ritual, Ruthvah formula, Sacred Magic of Abra Melin - useful talismans from,

Sacred Magical Equipment - recreating in Malkuth, Sacred Paraphernalia - how to deal with soiled equipment,
Schizophrenia, Secrets of Mind Control, Seeking psychic cavities in meditation/yoga,
Self-Hypnosis - to curb negative compulsions and habits, Shamanism, Shape Shifting,
Simpling:traditional preparation of herbs & plants, Skrying in The Spirit Vision
Solomonic Pantacle - can be used as a protective talisman, Solomonic Wand - background,
Spellkit for Love's Desire how it works, Spells - anonymous - unreliability of, Spirit Communication,
Stalking Preachers, Stuart Farrar & Wicca, Sub-culture Alternatives Freedom Foundation,
Summer Solstice celebrations/rites, Symptoms of psychic breakthroughs,
Synchronicity - occurring simply in response to contact, Talismans - dispersing their power after use,

Talismans - where to position them, Talismans to save electricity consumption,
Tarot - not wise to use ordinary playing cards, Tarot - oldest extant pack, Tarot - symbolism of,
Terror tactics - how to deal with them, Transformation - works on target and operator, Tunnels of Set - origins,

Unhexing Spell, Wart Charming - traditional remedy,

Wayward Sons & Daughters - how to magically control them, Wealth Spells - how to avoid pre-empting the gods,
Websites - fundie sleepers using to elicit personal information, White Magic - why it doesn't exist,
Wicca - Pre-Wicca Witchcraft in the U.K., Wicca - the myths and the misrepresentations, ............

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Here is the answer to situations which might beset you tomorrow, exclusive 'worth-a-million' hints and tips on magical method and training.

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  • The Hidden History of the Occult, and much much more;

STAR ITEM! Marabas's words inspire and comfort, challenge and maybe even shock. He pulls no punches and often overturns the so-called 'received wisdom' of the occult. Just one of these several hundred mini-monographs of magical wisdom could be a solution to wherever you are in your life today and be worth the price of this book alone.

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Marabas Says - comprises hundreds of personal teach-ins with Marabas covering areas which are groundbreaking, normally taboo or otherwise unspoken.  Typically Marabas cuts through the currency of false moral self-righteousness often used to cover up a lack of  true adepthood.  He tells it like it is. Whether you are a beginner or a long-time student of the occult you are bound to find this superb collection of  totally original information absolutely unique and worth its weight in gold. . Don't Miss It.


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