Using Outstanding Credit? Paying Marabas Ordering By Telephone Eco-Levy

Methods of Payment

You can telephone us and place your card order with one of our assistants during office hours on 0739-7295212 (+44 739-7295212 from overseas)

or post your order in to:

The Sorcerer's Apprentice,
6 - 8 Burley Lodge Road,
Leeds LS6 1QP,
Yorkshire U.K.

If you want to place your order on-line we use Paypal's High Security Credit Card Handling System. Paypal is ideal for both overseas and U.K. clients. Orders are despatched immediately we receive payment from Paypal, usually within minutes. We will process as speedily as possible and email you with an acknowledgement at the moment of despatch as usual so you know where you are.

No Need To Join Paypal - Extra Secure, Secret and Free

If you've already got a Paypal Account then great but you do not have to join Paypal or register to use their card handling system - it is just like any other shopping cart but extra-secure. There is no charge for you to use it. Just hit the Buy-Now buttons on our website and everything will be taken care of.

If you choose to use your credit/debit card then we never see your card details (Paypal keep them secret) and you also benefit from their state of the art maximum encryption ordering system.

If you are ordering from outside the U.K. Paypal will automatically compute the U.K. price into your home currency at the best rates for you making things extra easy.

Anyone can pay us using any credit or debit card from anywhere in the world using Paypal's Secure Payment System.

Simply click the Buy Now buttons like this one

shown on each page on this website to order one or more of those items. When finished adding goods to your shopping basket hit the check out button and follow the on-screen prompts.

The Amazing SEND PENNIES Button

The Send -Pennies button here

takes care of extra-normal transactions for items not shown on our website. Things such as bespoked equipment, special quantities, spell-combinations relating to recommendations Marabas has made to you by email and, outstanding credits. We will usually tell you when to use the Send Pennies Button and how much to send but if you have oustanding credit in your account and want to use it up then see below for how you can do it.

Already Sent Some Money To Us By Post/Snail-mail?
Here's How To Use Credits which are already in your account.

Established mail-order clients who normally post written orders in to us may have existing credit outstanding on their account from their last transaction which they may want to use as part-payment for their on-line order.

The way to incorporate these credits is:

  • Find the prices and stock-codes of the items you need from the website.
  • Total the order up on a piece of paper
  • Deduct the credit you have in your account.
  • Use the Send Pennies button below to send us the balance.
After entering your card details at check-out you will be given the option to Add Special Instructions to Merchant. Click on this link and then type a list of what you want into the Add Special Instructions to Merchant window;
or if you prefer just send a separate email to
email address
We will balance up your account and confirm despatch of your order by email as usual. Obviously if the credit existing in your account is greater than the total of your order you need not send us any more money and therefore can simply email us at:
email address
with what you want. Basically you are 'writing out' your own order.

Paying For A Combination Spell or 'One-off'

If you have been in correspondence with Marabas and he has recommended a magical course of action which involves a unique combination spell which doesn't appear on our website or if you are paying in advance for special items which are being constructed for you then you can use the Send-Pennies Button below to pay for it. You will already have been given a total price for the item/s. Now hit the 'Send-Pennies' paypal button on this page. This will take you through to the Paypal Shopping Cart Service where you can enter the total amount of money you want to send us.  For example, if the total of  the order you want to place is  £89.67 then enter 8967 in the quantity column.

After you have entered your card details you will be given the option of Add Special Instructions to Merchant. Click on this and type your reference or instructions or list the items ordered. Paypal will transfer the remittance to us within minutes, we will despatch the goods listed in the Add Special Instructions to Merchant section. We will confirm despatch of your order by email, as usual.

Using Paypal this way is just like sending a Money or Postal Order except that you don't get charged for it (the Paypal service is free to purchasers).

Alternatively you can print out a hardcopy of our order form here fill it in by hand; post it to us and then pay by Paypal Buy Pennies. We will match the posted order with your on-line payment and confirm despatch by email as usual.

See here for more details on how Marabas can help

Terms:  Our standard Terms of Business apply. We look forward to assisting you in your spiritual quest.

SSL ENCRYPTION:  Please Note:  Some web browsers with security set to a high level may show a warning that data is being sent unsecured when you press our Paypal Buttons.   This over-sensitivity relates only to the initial handshaking (wake-up call to Paypal) which does not contain  any confidential information.  Click accept/continue.  As soon as the Paypal page opens secure SSL is invoked (as you will see from the status bar on your browser) and you can be sure that any information you enter will be securely encrypted at the highest industry standard.

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