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Latest NHS Research On Copper Bangles Flawed

A small scientific study by York University into the effects of Copper bracelets and magnetic wrist straps has concluded that they are ineffective in relieving arthritis pain.

The randomised placebo-controlled trial on the use of both copper bracelets and magnetic wrist straps for pain management in osteoarthritis contradicted earlier research which proved that copper bangles did alleviate rheumatic conditions.

The trial was led by Stewart Richmond, a Research Fellow in the Department of Health Sciences at the University of York, who said: �This is the first randomised controlled trial to indicate that copper bracelets are ineffective for relieving arthritis pain.�

Richmond's trial is manna to the mind of critics of alternative healing but was fundamentally flawed. It involved 45 people aged 50 or over, who were all diagnosed as suffering from osteoarthritis. Each participant wore four devices in a random order over a 16-week period � two wrist straps with differing levels of magnetism, a demagnetised wrist strap and a copper bracelet. This is of course where the research was terminally flawed.

  • Firstly it missed the combined benefits of copper with magnetic inserts.
  • Secondly, the benefits from wearing copper bangles occurs cumulatively which result was denied by the controls used in the research, and
  • Most importantly bangles may assist in subduing the condition most during atmospheric weather conditions which aggravate it.and no account seems to be taken of this.

I know from personal experience that if I do not wear my Rheumagnetron© three days before the onset of a bad weather front I will sure as eggs is eggs end up hobbling about in pain until the front clears. If I put on my Rheumagnetrons (I am wearing them now) then the pain and discomfort is drastically reduced in every instance and enables me to function more or less as usual. Thus any test of copper bangles which is not related to atmospheric conditions which aggravate the symptoms is simply flawed. But then again science tends to arrogantly repudiate what every rheumatism sufferer knows - that weather conditions can aggravate symptoms!

An additional obvious problem with this research is that switching bangles randomly over a 16 week period would produce the same effect as switching medication mid course - it would nullify the effects and is something doctors would instruct you not to do!

Lastly the research concludes that where the users found relief that relief must have been the placebo effect. Thus the report begrudgingly admits that relief was obtained - but then tries to deny it had anything to do with the copper bangles. My response as a sufferer is; if relief was obtained however it occurred is irrelevant!

There have of course been other, more authoritative researches into the health benefits of copper bangles and magnetism.

In 1983, Australian doctors G.R. Struthers and D.L Scott from the St. George Hospital conducted studies on different alternative methods for relieving arthritis pain. Their results showed that arthritis sufferers noticed significant relief from joint pain when wearing copper bracelets. While they are not exactly sure why, their research showed that using copper bracelets does help relieve arthritis pain. They concluded that doctors should consider copper bracelets along with other treatment methods for arthritis pain. 5097612_health-benefits- copper-bracelets.html

In 2008 Thomas Skalak, professor and chair of biomedical engineering at University of Vancouver produced the results of his teams' five year long 875,000 dollar experiment into the healing effects of magnetism. Skalak set out to investigate the effect of magnetic therapy on microcirculation.

Quantitative measurements of blood vessel diameter were taken both before and after exposure to the static magnetic fields�the force created by the magnets. Skalak found that the force had a significant effect: the vessels that had been dilated constricted, and the constricted vessels dilated, implying that the magnetic field could induce vessel relaxation in tissues with constrained blood supply, ultimately increasing blood flow.

Dilation of blood vessels is often a major cause of swelling at sites of trauma to soft tissues such as muscles or ligaments. The prior results on vessel constriction led Skalak to look closer at whether magnets, by limiting blood flow in such cases, would also reduce swelling. Their most recent research, published in the November 2007 issue of the American Journal of Physiology, yielded affirmative results. More..

So. Categoric evidence that magnetism does have healing effects in a much more professional and longer term study than the new flawed NHS research which is the latest in a long line of experiments set up to disprove what many people knows from empirical experience. Not all research is equal and in our opinion the funding for some research is concomitant with an already pre-existing bias against alternative healing by the medical profession which seeks to protect its monopoly.

Ultimately science knows that there is as yet no real cure for arthritis. All treatment is ameliorative and it is unsympathetic of those antagonistic to alternative healing to try to devalue a traditional remedy which can make life more worth living for those who are afflicted with this malady using such limited and flawed research.

The nay-sayers will undoubtedly quote this 'new research' to bolster their dislike of traditional healing methods so I am sure you will see it used frequently to convince you not to bother but we have laid out the scientific evidence, for what it is, so that our customers can be fully informed and make a proper choice.


Magnetic Healing Belt Circa 1870
Magnetic Healing has a long track record. Professor Bakers' Magnetic Belt of Life (Circa 1870) incorporated over 30 magnetic studs and was one of many magnetic healing devices which gained favour with the public during the Victorian Era

Medical 'Mumbo Jumbo' that's actually all TRUE

by John Naish,

Magnets or lodestones, as they used to be called are another favourite 'mystical' cure-all promoted by alternative medicine for everything from arthritis to insomnia. Supporters believe our bodies form an electromagnetic field that responds to the healing power of magnets.

... electromagnets which generate magnetism when electricity is passed through wires are opening up whole new fields of medical treatment. It works because the brain operates using electric signals, and it is possible to alter these signals by subjecting them to electromagnetic pulses. This month, for example, U.S. scientists found that electromagnetic pulses can repair some of the devastating brain damage wrought by strokes. Patients whose speech had been affected became significantly more fluent after transcranial magnetic stimulation had been applied to part of the brain known to control language. This approach has also been found to help some people who suffer from depression so deep that drugs won't treat it. A trial of 190 patients in the authoritative journal Archives of General Psychiatry found that the treatment helped 14 per cent of them. Each volunteer wore a helmet with a magnetic coil for 30 minutes a day for three weeks. Also this month, Italian scientists found that transcranial magnetic Stimulation can block pain in ways that should promise new therapies for migraine headaches, reports the Journal of Headache and Pain.

Source: Daily Mail, Tuesday 12 July 2011

Wouldn't it be nice to never fear another Winter and be fit as a fiddle during long wet summers?
Try the amazing Rheumagnetron© Copper Bangle / Wrist Band . Ideal for walkers, runners, cyclists etc.,


Rheumagnetron© Bangle Now, you don't have to imagine what benefits the Rheumagnetron© can bring - you can try it in your own home at our risk!

Try the amazing Rheumagnetron©  copper bangle, it's GUARANTEED!  These  high purity malleable copper rheumatic wrist bands combine the best of both worlds with magnetobiological two-level healing theory.

Could it do the trick for you?

STAR ITEM! Have you ever wondered why over hundreds of years thousands of intelligent people in the know have chosen to wear copper bangles?   We believe the answer is that an open-ended pure copper band actually works with your body  to alleviate and often remove rheumatic pains and discomfort. If you haven't tried one yet then you owe it to yourself to do so.  But the Rheumagnetron© (pronounced Roo-magnetron) is more than an ordinary copper wrist band and if you'll give me three minutes of your time i'll explain how they work - I think it could be the best investment you might ever make.

 It is virtually inevitable that every one of us will suffer from Rheumatic attacks, pain and discomfort sooner or later so the quicker you experiment with copper bangle healing the better.  If you suffer from arthritis, or you have a relative who does,  here's the good news about the believed benefits of  Rheumagnetron© Copper Bangles.


Because rheumatism is such a pervasive disease there's plenty of methods aimed at alleviating it. But few are entirely successful.  Some, like pain-killers, just mask the symptoms and can cause deleterious effects in the rest of the body with continued use.  Others, like long-term dietary supplements, renew sinovial joints but it isn't always the joints which are the problem as those who suffer rheumatic attacks in deep muscle will tell you.  Acupuncture is another useful remedy for some rheumatic ills; users believe it certainly gets the body's energies flowing again, and can often ameliorate pain, but acupuncture can be inconvenient because unlike the Rheumagnetron© you can't apply it  24 hours a day  whilst you work rest and play - and that's what may be required to attenuate deep-seated rheumatics.  In any event all of these paliative methods can be extremely expensive, often at the time of life when you want to conserve your finances most.  That's why the Rheumagnetron© is such good value.


We believe that Rheumagnetron© copper bangles work on two complimentary levels inasmuch as the high purity copper base circles your wrist or ankle, creating an 'armature' out of your body and acting as a bridge to etheric energy by induction.  Here's how the theory goes:

'The difference in the polarity and electrical potential between your wrist ( or ankle), and the soft copper core of the bangle creates an amplification and feedback of your own body energy. It's like turning your arm into an armature generating Ultra Low Frequency  inductive harmonics in the copper which, because its design is purposely open-ended, earths back into your wrist and supplements the energy in your meridian circuits, passing healing energies to the seat of dis-ease via the blood.' [Hover Help]

This energy has been called many things over the centuries, Chi, Prana, Halo, Aura, Orgone, Life Force, etc.,  Whatever you call it it is the basic energy field of life and it is essential to have it flowing correctly within you. [Hover Help]


Hundreds of Thousands of open-minded people have tried regular copper bangles for rheumatism and most swear by them but we believe the Rheumagnetron© Copper Bangle takes that effect to a higher level. It's like having two bangles in one.  Special rare-earth high-ferrite magnets made from Neodymium and Boron are designed into the Rheumagnetron©. By increasing the force field in the wrist band to approximately ten times that of the earth's normal magnetic field it turns your arm (or leg) into an armature.     Ideal for experimenting with healing of sports injuries. Believed to strengthen weak joints/tendons, pulled muscles and allow maximum extension and contraction for superfitness.

The magnetic field  in the Rheumagnetron© Copper Bangle is very subtle.  You don't feel anything consciously but it is thought it works to re-energise your aura and re-charge the constituents within your blood as  this vital fluid flows around your system out from the heart to the wrist (or ankle)  passing through the Rheumagnetron© where we believe it transforms the constituents of the blood, and cycles back again, getting powerful healing energies to the Rheumatic areas. The implications for blood flow and muscle response in sports situations is far reaching.  


If that wasn't good enough news, we say the amazing Rheumagnetron©  Copper Bangle also works in a third composite way.   When a rheumatic attack starts your body becomes more acidic . Scientists say that the symptoms of pain in the tissues could be caused by a lack of copper element in the muscles, but when wearing a Rheumagnetron© wrist band the increased acidity of the natural moisture on the surface of your skin reacts with the electrical potential of the surface of the copper and tiny amounts of the high purity element are absorbed by the skin to correct the deficiency.  It's kind of self-regulating.  You don't feel the minute electrical charges but you can tell the state of your metabolism by checking your Rheumagnetron© from time to time. An imbalance in electrical potential of the body is revealed by an increasing deposit of cuppro under the bangle. This can be easily cleaned off with ordinary metal polish but the 'advance warning' can be extremely useful.


Once you have put your Rheumagnetron© on your wrist or ankle, that's it, there's nothing more to pay.  Use it all day, every day.  You don't need additional creams and you don't have to do anything else with it. Simply put it on and it's done. There's absolutely no extra cost or upkeep.   If you used your Rheumagnetron© for a single year and then gave it a way to someone else who needed it you would have spent just over 4 pennies a day for 24hr exposure, all day, every day.  If you kept your Rheumagnetron© for years, like most users do, then, because it will last forever under normal useage, the original cost becomes utterly insignificant. You can't get cheaper than that.  

I am wearing my Rheumagnetron© now as I write this and I can tell you from personal experience that they are good, very good. I have used my Rheumagnetrons© for months at a stretch 24 hours a day and can heartily confirm that they have massively reduced and often eliminated rheumatic and sciatic attacks which used to make me bedridden. Additionally after many years of use I now find that I need not wear my Rheumagnetron© EVERY day, but as soon as I feel a wet front coming in (sufferers will know what I mean!) I always slip on my bangle and curtail the 'arthritic hip-hop'.

Now like anything else the Rheumagnetron© might not work for everyone who tries it but we regularly get users coming back to purchase more for themselves and their friends so the sage advice is to suck-it-and-see which, with our money-back trial offer (below) means you can't really lose.


Rheumagnetron© Bangle Your Rheumagnetron©  bracelet would be just the ticket even if it wasn't a fine piece of jewellery, but it is , and so you can wear  and benefit from this unobtrusive design 24 hours a day, when at work or when going out. The stylish finish is subdued yet sophisticated and is equally appropriate whether you are dressed up or in casual attire. Made from pure precious copper, it is very maleable so you can adjust it to fit snugly and comfortably on your wrist or ankle.

This superb Torc design is probably the earliest 'unisex' jewellery in the world. The twisted bar Torc is very ancient and was originally worn by Celtic Men and women of high status around 1200BC!

It is believed that the famed Boudicca/Boadicea queen of the Ancient British Iceni tribe wore a neck-torc (larger version of this bangle ) as a sign of her power and influence.

The stunningly beautiful Gundestrup Cauldron, a solid silver ceremonial vessel, included an image of Cernunos, the male god of the Gauls, holding a torc bracelet like this in one hand.

We have constructed the Rheumagnetron© to follow the traditional design closely - each bangle is terminated by the requisite spheres which in this modern version contain the all-important Neodymium and Boron magnets. These spheres and the entire rest of the bangle is made from purest high quality malleable copper - they simply open or close with a gentle squeeze to fit any size wrist. It will become second nature for you to wear yours.  After a while you'll actually forget it is there, but  you'll never be without it, constantly working to send out cuppro-magnetic energies.


One Rheumagnetron© Copper Bangle / Sports Wrist Band is all most people need,  worn on the side of the body where attacks usually occur or where increased effect is required.    For those with extensive Chronic Rheumatism  on both sides of the body  you could try a matched pair, though one usually suffices.  These should be worn one on each wrist (or one on an ankle and the other on the opposite wrist) to parameter the distribution of energy throughout the body.  Simple  but essential instructions come with each bangle to show you how to get the best from cuppro-magnetic healing.  Please note that our expertise in magnetobiology is the result of 30 years of exclusive research.  Many people offer copper bangles for sale without really understanding how they work and rare it is to find unique instructions of this kind which explain exactly how to use them for maximum benefit.  Indeed some have said that the instructions alone are worth what we are charging for the bangle.  

Remember that our bangles are made from 100% genuine purest copper. The world-wide price of copper has quadrupled in the last two years. This has lead some unscrupulous traders to cheapen the product. Some bangles offered at 'stack it high - sell it cheap' prices can be simply copper-plated or may have one copper wire wound around an inferior metal bangle. We have even seen gilt bangles fraudulently sold as copper. You can order from us with absolute confidence. We guarantee you that Rheumagnetrons are made from 100% genuine pure copper - nothing less will do.

Do you suffer from Sciatica? Lumbago? Arthritis of the hands, knees, ankles, or neck?  Rheums in the muscles of the leg or back, Sports Injuries?  Then we guarantee you will benefit from the Rheumagnetron© bangle! So confident are we about the Rheumagnetron©; that it is yours to keep for three whole months. If you do not notice a marked difference after this time, return the bangle to us in good condition and we will refund your money. You can't lose, but you must promise to wear it diligently because that's the way it's going to work.


Almost everyone with rheumatics has heard of  Rheumatic Bangles but few have come across  the Rheumagnetron© .  You probably know several close friends or relatives who could benefit from owning their own Rheumagnetron© but who might be too sceptical to buy one for themselves.   At £12.97 this is a really affordable aid for everyone, it's particularly useful for mature sportsmen and women, walkers and active older people (we can often keep up with the young 'uns but unlike the young-un's we suffer joint and muscle pain afterwards! Wearing a Rheumagnetron© can mean the difference between one outing a weekend and living living life to the full) Such a present can work wonders, even with sceptics!  Get them one and you will have their ultimate gratitude.  We can send their Rheumagnetron© Copper Bracelet  to you or  direct  to them if you wish.  A great stocking-filler or thank-you present. Rheumagnetron© Copper Bangles are available direct from stock for by return despatch, but  please hurry, stock is not unlimited at this price so don't miss this trial offer.  


'I have ordered two copper bracelets from you before and now want to order another three of your Rheumagnetron's.  I was very pleased with the bracelets as well as the shipping time.'    Mrs Joan Etherington,   Fair Oaks, California.

These genuine unsolicited testimonials are included to show what some have achieved. The originals are held for inspection at our HQ, in Leeds, Yorkshire. U.K. To see other peoples' experiences click here.

Order Your Rheumagnetrons Here Today...

Rheumagnetron© Copper Bangle / Sports Band Torc includes p&p in U.K. (fits both men and women) £12.97
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