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Medical Monopoly Tries to Impose Restrictions on Kombucha

Secure Your Mycelium Starter Now so You Can Keep on Brewing It Yourself At Home

"Since last month, the government has been testing kombucha because of its alcohol content...... Distributors and retailers like Whole Foods Inc. have removed the most popular form, raw kombucha, from stores, saying they won't restock until they know more. That's upsetting fans, who enjoy the sweet-but-sour taste and shell out more than $3 for a bottle. They're scouring stores, and lamenting online.

Kombucha (pronounced com-BOOCH-a or com-BOOK-a) contains live bacteria and yeast, similar to yogurt. Many fans make it at home by acquiring a kombucha "mother," a cloudy mass of bacteria and yeast from another batch. But most prefer to buy it for convenience. Pasteurized versions — where the yeast and bacteria are heated, much like milk — are still for sale because the process kills the yeast, which make the alcohol. But fans tend to prefer the raw version."


Truth Or Lie?

This is typical disinformation put out by the Medical Monopoly and repeated by the journalist in this report. Live Kombu produces alcohol naturally as it ferments but this is a by product of its own processes in producing the famous Kombucha probiotics. It is the probiotics we are after, not the alcohol.

Seasoned Kombucha brewers include only small amounts of sugar for the Kombu Mycelium to feed off. It doesn't need much and if the Kombucha is drunk within 7 - 9 days it is a sweetish and sparkling drink suitable for all members of the family with only trace amounts of alcohol.

When it is bottled for sale in shops it is normally nuked to kill any fermentation products in the liquids but it doesn't make sense to drink dead pro-biotics so to cater for those who know some firms sell non-irradiated Kombucha in bottles. Sometimes termed RAW Kombucha these may indeed continue to ferment whilst in storage and produce alcohol which might in some instances breach the 0.5 percent limit laid down by the FDA and other legislators.

What this means of course is that eventually you won't be able to buy any real live Kombucha from wholefood stores. You will be offered only 'dead' kombucha.

The answer is to brew your own Kombucha the way you like it and provide yourself with a clean and known source. We have been despatching S.A. Strain Kombucha across the world for years, particularly to clients in the U.S. so you can order with confidence and bypass this censorship easily by reading the details on the right.

However, we believe that the Medical Monopoly are using this ruse as the thin-end of the wedge to eventually banning Kombucha outright. (if it's classed as an alcoholic drink you won't be able to give it to your kids for instance, it will attract extra duty putting it out of the reach of many, and it's astounding health benefits cannot be claimed because of 'proven toxicity of alcohol').

Hence this may be the beginning of the end for Kombucha drinkers unless they heads-up. If you want to exercise your right to heal yourself stock up with your own Kombucha Mycelium Starter Pack as quickly as you can. Remember, you can keep feeding your Kombucha with a teaspoon of sugar every couple of weeks or so and it will happily doze for years until you are ready to use it.

Don't let the big drug companies monopolise YOUR access to alternative healing and lifestyles.

Keep Kombu Alive!

I Love My Kombucha!


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WHAT IS IT?  : This genuine 'Elixir of Long Life' is the result of a symbiotic relationship between a herbal brew and a strange and rare fungi mycelium. Feed it with ordinary sugar and it reacts like an alchemical laboratory, creating a liquor supposedly suffused with unique and powerful pro-biotics, vitamins, minerals, even RNA, DNA, microbial powerhouses and lots of other properties which have not yet been analysed fully.  This fungi mycelium has been termed The Miracle Mushroom because of its reputed life-giving and healing properties. In use for thousands of years in the orient its origins are lost in the mists of time. First recorded in China in 221BC the Taoist Elixir of Life is claimed to extend the natural life-span to 130 and there have been reports of women brought up on it giving birth at 80! Some astounding healing claims have been made about it, including healing of cancers, diabetes, AIDS, arthritis, and many other modern curses. There's hardly any illness which the Elixir of Long Life doesn't appear to have ameliorated or cured. In the ancient world it was even reportedly used by Chinese Warriors 2,000 years ago to give them strength in battle.

Termed in France  The  Elixir of Long Life this preparation is also known variously throughout different cultures as Kombucha and Kargasok Mushroom.  The mysterious Kombu mycelium forms on the top of a liquor made from, wait for it, ORDINARY TEA. In the process it alchemically transforms the Tea brew into a delicious tasting beverage which is packed with unique nutrients and pro-biotics. It is simple to make in any domestic kitchen and costs little if anything to produce. In The Kombucha Manual  Marabas explains exactly how you can cultivate the mysterious Kombu in your home and experiment with healing yourself of chronic ailments such as rheumatism whilst purportedly making your body feel ten years younger. This information could be priceless to some and The Kombucha Manual would be well worth it's asking price of £8.99 by itself, however, the 'secrets' of producing The Elixir of Long Life are not much use unless you have the key ingredient, the Kombu Mycelium itself ; and in our exclusive special offer you get a Starter Kombu Pack FREE* so you can begin brewing it straightaway. With this amazing kit you will be drinking your own Elixir of Long Life within 6 -10 days - we guarantee it*.


The Taoist Miracle Mushroom is a very rare fungi which it is believed was cultured by Taoist Alchemists thousands of years ago as a by-product of their experiments into obtaining the most potentised food. Fermentations to produce alcohol and purified substances from natural materials was a basic alchemical practice. Each alchemist would have completed literally thousands of experiments on fermenting bacteria. This Miracle Mushroom is believed at that time to have been a naturally occurring mycelium but which, over the thousands of intervening years, became a hybrid due to the special treatment given to it by Cunning Healers. A portion of each Kombucha mycelium is probably thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of years old.The Mycelium continues to develop and adapt to its environment, so Kombucha mycelium from the S.A. is unique. Because the medical monopoly is trying to suppress alternative healing by restricting the supply of raw materials and ingredients, herbs etc,. I have decided to distribute the S.A. strain of The Taoist Miracle Mushroom for FREE to put it out into the public domain and defeat attempts to deprive people of their freedom of choice. The only restriction I am putting on its use is that you cannot sell it on again as S.A. strain Kombucha it is a gift from me to you.

HOW TO PREPARE IT: Anyone can brew their very own Elixir of Long Life. Once you have Marabas's step by step instructions (and the special S.A. strain of the Miracle Mushroom) it will take you about half an hour to prepare . There's no cooking or complex measuring. All you need is a bowl, a teapot, a cup - and the all important Miracle Mushroom 'starter' which we will send you free. One bowlful will make enough elixir for a week's supply, then just decant it and start again with another bowlful using the same Miracle Mushroom. The Miracle Mushroom just continues on working time and time again, brew after brew. You can even separate the Miracle Mushroom and start several brews off at the same time. The only cost is for your tea bags and sugar. Each drink will cost you just a couple of pence to make! Although you may find various soft-drinks called Kombucha on the shelves of some wholefood stores at around £2.99 per bottle (how's that for profiteering?) you should know that most of these are blended drinks where the Kombucha has been diluted with fruit-concentrates, even worse, some have been 'pasteurised' to enhance their keeping qualities and this process actually kills off the unique and powerful pro-biotics which give genuine Kombucha some of its marvellous effects! We do not know what strain of Kombu these food companies put into their soft-drinks but it isn't the S.A.'s strain. Remember - if you want the best results you have to brew Kombucha yourself. The Miracle Mushroom is a living thing - it likes working with people - not for profit.

Glass of Effervescent Kombucha " IS IT SAFE? Nomads in the Hinterlands of China and Tibet have been drinking The Elixir of Long Life for generations as their regular tipple. The Miracle Mushroom helps purify water as well as converting it to a life-giving liquor. In general these people rarely if ever get ill, remain strong, fit and active throughout their lives, live to an advanced age (usually well over 100 years) and diseases which curse the west (cancer, diabetes, etc ) are in the main reputedly unknown to them. Marabas and many millions of other wise people throughout the world have been drinking The Elixir of Long Life regularly for years. The extensive health benefits of this remarkable health drink and what it can achieve are covered in Marabas's Kombucha Manual but it's proving to be pretty miraculous. Apart from curing and alleviating many chronic illnesses The Miracle Mushroom is said to have cosmetic benefits as a by-product of revitalising your body and its systems, including some which appear nonsensical but which have been oft reported, such as turning grey hair dark again and limiting or reversing baldness, such as reducing cellulite, trimming the human form, making thread-veins 'disappear', improving the complexion, increasing stamina and bestowing a sense of well-being. This is probably nature's best ever health drink for people of any age and we think it is particularly useful for sportsmen and women being a perfect hydrator. As befits something with The Taoist Miracle Mushroom's astonishing properties, it is fully balanced in relation to yin-yang forces and , predictably, tastes delicious! Ageing rocker Roger Daltry of The Who, reportedly swears by it. He regularly uses Kombucha and reckons that without it he'd struggle to keep on rocking after 40 gruelling years of playing and travelling between shows. It is a popular beverage of the stars. Lindsay Lohan has been photographed drinking kombucha.

SAFE AND WHOLESOME TO DRINK?: People consume hundreds of litres of soft-drinks every year without thinking, but Marabas says:  'Have you ever wondered where the black colour goes when you drink Cola?'   Having a regular home supply of pure, clear, powerful,  Kombucha is good for you and the planet. It also means you don't have to contribute to soft-drink companies who prosper Globalisation.   Additionally like homoeopathic medicines Kombucha appears to work wonders with animals so your pets can benefit too!

LEGAL NOTE:   The Elixir of Long Life is not a medicine, it is a natural and apparently powerful Healthy Drink. A healthy drink like no other anywhere else in the world. A Healthy Drink which has thousands of years of empirical trials behind it. It appears to be the best of everything. It heals, cures, strengthens, makes whole, revitalises body and mind, makes one feel young and look younger, extends one's lifespan and is so beneficial to humans that everyone on the planet should obtain some Miracle Mushroom and make their own Kombucha. However we are not selling you the elixir. This special offer is for Marabas's Kombucha Manual. You are buying the manual and we will include the special S.A. strain Mycelium FREE* so you can experiment with it. There is absolutely no catch. Marabas has for over 30 years worked for the best interests of people everywhere. He believes so much in Kombucha that he wants all humans everywhere to benefit from it. It is, he says, the ultimate form of natural healing, affordable by everyone, including those in third-world countries who normally cannot afford proper health care. Kombucha is thought to be a panacea, a gift from the gods, and it is up to each person to decide whether to take advantage of it once they have read the amazing background in his Kombucha Manual.

What Others Think

Healthy Kombu Mycelium Hello, Just a quick note to let you know a recent experience I have had with Kombucha. I brew it in those big plastic buckets that home-brewers use to make beer. Anyhow, I have six of these buckets and decided to cut down and just happened to throw one of the old kombus on top of an already old - 4 years 2 inch thick kombu - resulting in a big thick layer 4-6 inches of the jelly like body. The brew from this is FANTASTIC. It is disolving fibrosis and scar tissue inside my body, regrowing bone marrow, my bones are changing from feeling like old to feeling like young again, it's like my whole body is being ordered to be healthy by a top drill instructor. FABULOUS!
T W, Shropshire.

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I have been giving Kombucha to my animals. So far it seems to be going well. I hvae been putting in a little with their daily drinking water and they are taking ot okay althoug at fist they were suspicious. The Kombucha seems to be curing my 8 year old Tom cat's cataract. There is now hardly any clouding on his eye at all. Just a faint trace. All I know is that it his cataract is nearly gone (90%). All the animals have a marked improvements in the condition of their coats. Also their bowel movements are good and regular. Their appetites have increased and one young thin cat has put on weight. Of course I am also taking Kombucha myself. My skin is softer than before It seems to have healed my ankle. I tore a ligament in my right ankle a year ago. It healed but I had a LOT of pain since then. This now seems to have got 90% better. There is a little stiffness but no pain. Thanks for your help.
J.L Abbots Bromley.

Genuine unsolicited testimonials included for example purposes only, others may have enjoyed different effects. Application suggestions given for illustration purposes only. The originals are held for inspection at our HQ, in Leeds, Yorkshire. U.K. To see other peoples' experiences click here.

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NOTE!  Due to recent lunatic EEC Regulations on  'untested' medicinal products we cannot now supply you with the Kombu Mycelium which might help stop the suffering of so many people.  We can still provide you with the Know-How in the form of the Kombucha Manual above which you should download and read to make sure that Kombu is applicable for your situation. Once you are fully informed you can obtain the Mycelium from elsewhere.     A few customers and users of  our strain of Kombucha are now networking in an attempt to bypass these restrictive EEC rules and will provide you with a starter mycelium. You can ask them on our Forum
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To see the full story of  how Drug Companies and The Medical Monopoly are using scares about alternative healing to disabuse you of your rights to inexpensive natural cures see here:

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