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Marabas's magical works and esoteric discoveries have been instrumental in influencing people the world over at many different levels. For over three decades his brilliance has impinged upon occult perspectives world-wide.

Often his work, renowned internationally at a high level, has opened doors for a few who have, sadly, repeated his teachings without giving credit, as though they were the first to reveal the secrets. Sometimes they have used Marabas's brilliance to portray themselves as brilliant and gathered a following on that basis. Second generation students of these people have, probably conscientiously, written up those teachings as though their teacher was the originator and the result is that the truth of the matter becomes obscured to those who come after.

It has always been Marabas's intention to enthuse thousands of esoteric students to base their own discoveries upon his work and take things further for the benefit of all; but true initiates everywhere consider that any attempt to reuse original esoteric thinking without giving fair credit is a form of black magick which of course has its own reward.

A classic example of the way that people can take ideas and portray them as new discoveries is nowhere more evinced than in the way that Marabas's 1981 work on the Prehistoric Temples of Malta (shewn on this page) has been 'recycled' across the net. For instance, in 2012 the Hypogeum was portrayed as a new discovery by Linda Moulton Howe on the website Earthfiles Science here

Note well the statements Marabas makes in his article:

" Suddenly I had the place to myself. Everybody seemed to disappear and the place went strangely quiet. I was standing alone in the Oracle Room trying to appreciate how these so called 'primitives' could have known they could obtain such a fantastic sonic effect, let alone chip away and design it into the chamber. A little thought into how easily too much rock could have been chipped away to destroy the effect - and yet, conversely, how did they decide when to stop for maximum effect? Other questions ran through my mind and I began to receive information that brought insight from the inner planes."
With Howe's version here:
My first visit was in 1990. There was nobody there, no guards, no nothing, and we went in on our own and just explored. And even for me, just knowing the age just knowing the age of the space and that there were people living and breathing in these same spaces 5-6,000 years ago was enough to get my radar working. Someone demonstrated the behavior of a male voice in what’s known as the Oracle Chamber. And I was told the legend and the theory that a male voice will carry through the whole Hypogeum and a female voice doesn’t do it.,,,, It seems to me that they took advantage when they were cutting these chambers, they took advantage of natural faults in the limestone, and also of the way they could get the sound to move where they wanted it.
HOW DID THEY KNOW THAT? Good question! My own theory is that it was part of a school of knowledge that was handed down....

Now of course it is possible for people to make similar discoveries when exposed to the same spiritual stimuli (if that wasnt' the case people couldn't train themselves in occult techniques) but at the foot of Howe's article there is a long list of websites which the interested reader can use to inform themselves further about the Hypogeum. Our webpage is noticeable by its absence, yet if you Google "Hypogeum, Pagan" or "Hypogeum esoteric", or "Hypogeum occult", and many other combinations you will find that OUR webpage comes up on the first Googled page every time! Whereas hardly any of the websites listed by Howe does.

It would be difficult for Howe in her research for her links, not to know of this seminal work by Marabas which has spawned so many immitators and which has popularised this important sacred place. Has it been ignored to make her article appear to be an original first discovery when it is actually thirty-one years late?

Before Marabas wrote about it in the Lamp of Thoth Magazine in 1981 there was hardly any mention of the Hypogeum in any occult literature on sacred places and temples; and what there was did not fully appreciate the occult importance of the place because the short accounts were written second hand. Marabas was the first occultist to go there and analyse the sacred site, yet today there are articles covering the 'esoteric secrets' of the Oracle room in the Hypogeum all over the net by wiseacres, some of whom weren't even born when Marabas wrote his seminal work!

Thus an attempt to return to source and discover the true nature of an esoteric teaching is almost impossible in this day and age when plagiarism is rampant across the web. The true seeker has to be aware of the possibility of plagiarism and question all claims and assumptions because by their very nature, replications will always embody inaccuracies and are likely to lead serious students astray.

By their works are they knowest.


This amazing article was first published in issue Volume 1: issue 5 of the famous Lamp of Thoth Magazine in May 1981. World Copyright reserved. A plan of the Hypogeum


Secret  Pagan Methods of The Neolithic Maltese

By Frater Ma-Ra-Bas

There are many enigmas and seemingly unsolvable mysteries on this Earth. Like all mysterious things it is the lack of knowledge of the purpose or origin of the mysteries that makes them such. In the sphere of occultism we are at one and the same time assisted by the scientific evidence of the Archeologists regarding our sacred sites yet hampered by their short sighted, unenlightened view of ancient civilisations and the role that magic played in the structure and order of those civilisations. This article is an attempt to show how incorrect logical supposition can interfere with archeological conclusions and 'bury' amazing evidence of the universality of the Goddess Cult.


Fifty miles South of Sicily and 180 miles from the coast of North Africa lies the tiny island of Malta. It is a jewel in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea. Most people know only of it's sunny climate and the friendliness of it's people.  Some may know that it had a strategic position for the military during both world wars.   Others may be aware that Malta has Links with the Templars via the Knights of St. John but very few people realise that within an island only 17 miles long there is a wealth of prehistoric sites and antiquities unsurpassed in concentration any where in the world.  There are no less than 23 Temples and by temple I mean extensive and impressive prehistoric architectural buildings, not an odd group of  Dolmens or hastily constructed stone circles.  Most of these ancient temples are unique in the information they have revealed about our Pagan ancestors yet are virtually ignored by Neo-Pagans worldwide.


In this article we shall concern ourselves with two of these prehistoric buildings. The Tarxien Temple (one of the latest of the Maltese temple building phase) and the Hypogeum an impressive and beautiful subterranean temple (which is one of the oldest sacred places) both of which lie just 400 metres apart in the Paolo district East of Valetta, the capital of Malta. Estimates of the ages of these two shrines now stand at 2, 800 B.C. for the first Tarxien development and an impressive 3,200 B.C. for the Hypogeum. Depending upon which archeological calendar one uses that means the Hypogeum complex was built contemporary with the Ancient Egyptian Pyramids.  However unlike the Pyramids which 'reach for the heavens';  The Hypogeum is unique in being a subterranean temple built into Mother Earth herself.


One of the important points about Maltese prehistoric temples is that, for a variety of reasons,  they have remained virtually untouched over the millennia . They exist today as some of the most complete and revealing antiquities of Neolithic and Copper age peoples anywhere in the world. The Hypogeum for example was not known of until 1902 when builders working on a housing development broke through into one of the Labyrinths. True to that attitude of careless innocence which epitomizes the Maltese people they promptly filled in the area and continued to build the houses as before!  When officials eventually discovered the well kept secret it was too late and now entry to the Hypogeurn is from a narrow back street between terraced houses; through a door, which if it were not for the mock "trillithon" doorway could hardly be distinguished from any other entrance in the street.

The Tarxien Temples were discovered in 1914 when a farmer complained that he had come across large stones while ploughing one of his fields!   In fact most of the archeological discoveries and work on unearthing Maltese prehistoric antiquities was completed between the years 1902 and 1959. Hence unlike most of the better-known archeological sites world-wide, the Maltese sacred sites have not , by and large, been pillaged or summarily destroyed by competing religions in the meantime and are a unique 'snapshot' of original paganism.


That the Goddess; in the form of The Mother Goddess; was worshipped at all these temples is  Sacred Skirt of The Goddesscertain. In the Tarxien Temples were discovered highly symbolic and decorated blocks of stone used as Altars and spiral-type wall frescoes abound.  These are very similar to  but predating the symbols found in the famous temple of Knossus, on the island of Crete, far away to the South East.  Note that though the symbols are similar the Temple of Knossus was a solar temple consecrated to Zeus the King of the gods.  The Myth of Zeus is that his mother, the Great Goddess Rhea, gave birth to him secretly in a cave.  The significance of this will become clearer later.  Many statuettes and votaries of the Great Goddess were found at the Maltese sites but the most impressive is a colossus of a figure, (see plate), which must have at one time stood nearly 8 feet tall and weighed many tons. This is positioned in the main court or congregation room of the South Tarxien Temple. All that remains now is the ceremonial skirt and legs of the Goddess figure but the awe it once must have generated on the Neolithic peoples who built this temple is easy to imagine as you will see from the photograph of an adult sat by its side.

All of these Goddess figures are the wide-hipped and buxom stereotype of womanhood found at nearly all prehistoric sites around the world.  The designs and frescoes consist of three main concepts. The relief carvings include Bulls or goats which obviously symbolise the male aspect and of Sows, sometimes suckling piglets; a clear representation of female fecundity. The spiral designs are very stylised in the later temples and consist of either concentric spirals (any two of which are always balanced. . i. e. one left hand one right hand ) or friezes of waves (similar to a line of longhand Cs') with the top of the C ending in a fish-tail design, as can be seen in the Goddess photograph above.

The significance of this 'C' design is interesting. In my personal researches into these beautifully conceived and built temples,  I was aided by  the work of Mr John Bezzina, a Maltese businessman and amateur archeologist who has an obvious empathy with the racial consciousness of his ancestors . He believes he can prove that the symbol of the linked 'C' was the ancient Maltese civilisation's symbol for Water.  He connects this with man's first attempts at writing using Hieroglyphs and points to the Egyptian Hieroglyph for 'M' which he contends is a developed form of the same symbol.  As with all ideographic writing this also had a meaning and it's meaning was 'Water'.

It can be shown that if a survey of neolithic temples is undertaken those in rainy countries (or at least those with a sufficiently high rainfall to ensure a fairly continuous water supply) are mostly Sun-God orientated, and accord, overall with the shape or track of the Sun (i.e. either round or elliptic) . For these people the Coming of the Sun was the priority; water they had. Alternatively in areas of naturally arid conditions the deity taking precedence was the Goddess, The attribution of the Goddess with the Moon and Water is so basic in occult lore that we need not elaborate further. Moreover the shape of the temples in these Goddess orientated civilisations resembles the stereotype of the obese Earth Mother. A ground plan of the Tarxien Temples (there is a complex of three which interconnect) shows the squat 'hourglass'shape. These sacred sites were built to represent the goddess in all respects.  This figure of 8 shape brings to mind the 'buckle of Isis' which symbolises eternity ( a female concept) and also, drawing the symbolism out further, it could be said that each of the four curves could be taken to represent the four phases of the lunar cycle. I have not had sufficient time to cover more on the orientation of these neolithic temples but feel confident that whereas Stonehenge and other 'Male' temples delineate the Sun's progress Maltese temples will take account of the Metonic cycle.

Further evidence of the natural evolutionary growth of the Goddess cult in this part of the world is that in virtually all semitic languages (and many others beside) the Word for Water is "Ma" One can think also of  it's many derivatives;  French Mer; British Mere etc. as parallels. It does not take a brilliant deductionist to  realise that in those same languages the -word for Mother is the same in virtually all instances as that for water.  Ma, Ma'm Mam, Mere, etc.,  In the 'chained 'C' friezes of the Maltese temples therefore (which were built approximately 600 years in advance of Stonehenge) we have a direct link through the earliest forms of writing and language based on Goddess consciousness.   Aware readers will have also spotted the similarity of the Egyptian Hieroglyph for 'M' and Water with the Zodiacal Sign Aquarius, which gives the theory a slant towards magical consciousness too.  These points will be discussed again later on.


Turning to the Hypogeum the Name simply means 'a building below ground'. This points to the fact that the archeologists have no real idea to what use this subterranean temple was put. This lack of knowledge is further underlined by the archeologists' choice of names for the various rooms and labyrinths that permeate this extensive and complex subterranean temple; The Snake Pit; The Painted Room ; The Hammer Dressed Room, etc. The complexity of the rooms and pits is difficult to describe and we have not the space here to go into this. (For further information see "Malta an Archeological Guide" (D. J. Trump) Faber Publishers; but we have included a plan which gives some idea of the relationship of the passages and chambers (see top of this article).

The Hypogeum is bursting with'unexplained enigmatic mysteries. It could have come right out of a H. Ridder Haggard adventure story (Ed: prototype for Speilberg's Indiana Jones). The deepest part of the site is 40 feet below ground. Access is achieved by descending a specially cut rock staircase. This staircase has seven steps. Those that take an eighth step plummet into a 6 foot deep pit because the staircase ends at nowhere. However, the seventh step  is about 9" wide and curves around at the bottom extending to the right into a narrow ledge. This acts as a pathway into the deepest chamber of the Hypogeum. On it's way it passes dangerously over two further deep pits , then a calculated jump from this ledge enables one to reach stone cut steps into the very deepest chamber.  This is a high vaulted room about 9 feet in diameter. Cut out of the walls at floor level are five small arch like openings just large enough to admit an adult, which lead into circular pits,about three feet deep. One can imagine the situation for anyone traversing this route during the period that the temple was originally used; pitch black save for the light of a tallow lamp.  Without the knowledge of the false steps broken limbs and perhaps worse, would have been the result. An eminent trap for the non-initiated to protect the holy-of-holies from profanation..

Archeologists maintain that these five chambers and three pits were used to store grain for this was a prized commodity and this view is still held today by some. Alternatively the archeologists have another theory. That these pits were burial pits and that when the bodies were put in they would be sufficiently full for anybody who wished to walk over them to do so without using the ledge. It is evident that when lost for factual evidence, the majority of archeologists are as fantastic in their logic as some unrestrained occultists. Show me the farmer of grain who would keep mould-liable precious grain in subterranean chambers which must have taken many tens of years to hack out of the rock using antler-picks simply as an alternative to mounting a 24 hour guard for security purposes?   Why would anyone want to walk over putrid mounds of decaying corpses and how difficult and messy would this be to accomplish?   Neither do the Archeologists offer a suggestion as to why there were no traces of human remains in the pits when they were re-discovered. Whatever the steps and rooms of the Hyporgeum were for they were not for grain or corpses. The archeological and scientific evidence has come up with a blank.

Another mystery is the "snake pit" . This is in one corner of the 'hammer dressed room. It is about 6 feet deep and spherically cut with an overhanging lip of rock.   This means that, if anyone fell into this pit it would be similar to trying to get out of a goldfish bowl. Impossible unless you had help from above. In the 'snake pit' archeologists found various bits of stone and horn jewellery or talismans. They assumed it to be a votary pit where the ancients developed a dry 'wishing well' and the goldfish bowl shape was to catch thieves who tried to remove the votary items. No community held together by a bond sufficiently committed to spend generations of time and effort building such sacred places would include a 'wishing-well'' in their temples.

There is another probable purpose which I shall reveal later.  On the attitude that archeologists have towards prehistoric man there is much that can be said. It is common error to assume that wisdom and intellectualism develop with civilisation and that previous civilisations are inferior to our own simply because they had not discovered quantum physics or learned how to build spaceships. It is common error to assume that any motivations of earlier civilisations- stemmed from 'unevolved' concepts or awareness and that the older the civilisations were the more parochial will their judgment and speed of reasoning be. This is the equivalent of calling Australian aborigines 'savages' when sat in a air conditioned office in Sydney and then gratefully owing them your life whey they can find you food and water in the Out-back after your high-technology car breaks down in a situation where you yourself would have been quite incapable of saving your own skin. There's horses for courses and Neolithic man no doubt had his share of both geniuses and fools, just as we have today.


The degree of workmanship and vision put into the building of these temples with no tools other The Holy of Holiesthan horn chisels and stone mallets is incredible. Digging out the Hypogeum was accomplished by using horns and hammers to drive v shaped holes into the rock and then a mallet was used to shatter the 'V' from the rock face.  Can you imagine just what planning and foresight, effort and motivation went into digging out the giant chambers of the Hypogeum out of solid rock?  Unless you see the extent and finish on these buildings yourself (see illustration of 'Holy of Holies' adjacent) you will not perceive the dedication and advanced architecture and craftsmanship that was put into the preparation of these Temples over five thousand years ago. They are magnificent, and nowhere more than the Hypogeum. With all this in mind, banal inferences that stone-age man could be 'duped' by the priesthood; or was neurotically superstitious to a degree that left him in animal type fear of his gods is a gross insult. All evidence shows them to have been a noble breed.


Now we come to the room in the Hypogeum which I found to be not only impressive in architectural terms but yet another key to the Goddess cult and magically active to boot. Sufficiently so for a mystical experience to occur spontaneously.

Every temple on Malta included rooms which the archeologists have named Oracle Rooms. The definition is more or less correct. Readers will already know of the Delphic Oracle and the many other temples in and around the Mediterranean that incorporated Oracle rooms so (although there is no precedence due to the early date of these Maltese temples) it is certain that divinatory instruction and guidance would be sought from the Gods. Not however as the modern archeologist would have you believe, as some kind of sop to the masses, but as a proper mystical technique. Because the roofs of the ground level temples over the rest of Malta have fallen it is difficult to reconstruct the effect of the oracle rooms in these temples. In those Temples constructed above ground all that can be seen is usually a separate niche with adjoining window, similar to a confessional.  The Priest or Priestess presumably acting as intermediary for the gods would sit inside the niche and their utterances come from the window. In the Hypogeum however, everything is intact and we can explore what actually happened and reproduce the events.

To get a proper perspective on just how religious prejudice can interfere with an archeologists viewpoint and findings I would here like to quote from D. H. Trumps book "Malta; An Archeological Guide". ( Let me say that in technical information and in comprehensiveness this book must be the best to introduce the layman to Maltese antiquities and this extract must not be allowed to put the reader off obtaining a copy) . Describing the Oracle Room Mr Trump says

"From the end of this room, steps lead down into the so-called Oracle room - It is roughly rectangular, with three oval side-chambers of various sizes. The smallest, at face level in the left-hand wall, has the peculiarity of producing a powerful echo or reverberation to a deep voice. A good deal has been said and written about the acoustical skill of the builders to produce this effect, by means of the moulding at ceiling level in the end wall of the room it has been suggested. Short of testing this by the drastic means of cutting away the moulding, it is probably safer to regard the echo as quite accidental. Less marked effects of the same kind can be found elsewhere, in the Holy of Holies for example. This is not to deny that its suitability for religious ceremonies may not have been recognized and exploited to the full. The effect is certainly eerie, even today under full electric light"

An illustration of the Oracle room is adjacent. We must elaborate on it's design to ensure the  The Oracle Roomreader fully understands it's purpose. The first of the side cells ((a) in the illustration) has a, hole about 18" square. Inside this entrance hole the cell opens out into a sphere shape about four feet diameter and the sides slope up to the entry hole; it is to all intents and purposes a 'womb', having a very smooth surface. Quite how they chisled this out in such a confined area is a wonder.

Side niche (b) is an arch shaped hollow at about face-level about 14" across by 18" high and approximately 12" in depth. It has an arched and curved interior at the top but  is horizontal at the bottom, made for a statuette of the presiding deity perhaps?. When a man speaks into this niche, his deep voice sets up a peculiar resonance that reverberates not only in the Oracle room but throughout the Temple itself.   If a woman, or child  speaks into the niche very little if any reverberation occurs. Archeologists -(again working on the prejudice that the priests of old were charlatans leading the 'ignorant' masses) say that this accidental or 'lucky' design was used to frighten the congregation into Subservience and belief in the oracle's power. The reverberation produced is certainly very impressive indeed. It would put to shame an electronic synthesizer so powerful is it.


Over the years this reverberation niche  (niche B) has been polished round it's circumfrence] by the clutching hands of tourists who stick their head into it and bellow in a deep voice all manner of inanities. Whilst I was there someone even recited the 23rd Psalm! When I visited the Hypogeum it was early summer and although the tourists were not out in force yet, the place was full. A guide was showing a party of 20 or so Americans around and various groups were finding their own way. I stood apart from the throng at the back of the Oracle Room with the nape of my neck pressed up against the 'moulding' focussing in on the psychometric vibrations from ancient times. Being an occultist and sensitive to ethereal vibrations it soon became obvious that a mystical happening was about to occur. Suddenly I had the place to myself. Everybody seemed to disappear and the place went strangely quiet. I was standing alone in the Oracle Room trying to appreciate how these so called 'primitives' could have known they could obtain such a fantastic sonic effect, let alone chip away and design it into the chamber. A little thought into how easily too much rock could have been chipped away to destroy the effect - and yet, conversely, how did they decide when to stop for maximum effect? Other questions ran through my mind and I began to receive information that brought insight from the inner planes.

The moulding that Mr Trump mentioned in the extract above is a lip of rock which has been hollowed out and stands about 2" proud from the rock face. This lip begins at the base of the reverberation chamber and circulates around the Oracle room to a point opposite the reverberation niche.  About 19 feet distant. At this point the lip widens, flattens out and then is flared smoothly into the rock face; the entire thing is a bit like the outer part of a giant human ear.  I moved over to this point. With my shoulders pressed up against the end of the lip I could see directly into the reverberation niche and as soon as I saw that something clicked in my consciousness and I immediately 'knew' how the Oracle worked.  There was no need to stick your head in the niche; it was more perfect than the archeologists new. It was all done from over here.  I  began to hum in a deep voice directing the vibrations across the room into the niche . The reverberations picked up instantly; and this time much louder than the effect by speaking into  it close up. More than that. There was an oscillation there. As I hummed again, a little longer this time the oscillation built up into a rhythm. It was VERY powerful. My head began to buzz, ( I can feel it again , now as I write.)  It was obvious that my brain-waves were beginning to entrain with the  frequency of the humming.  In an instant I knew what I had to do. This overlooked Oracle room was a Mantra resonator. It was built to effectively and speedily ratchet up the High Priest's consciousness (and harmonise the minds of others in the rest of the temple). The effect was due to the rhythmic reverberation and oscillation. Anybody in the Oracle Room would have been in a deep trance state within a few minutes.  The congregation probably stood in the main chamber and got the side effects. Then it hit me; the High Priest wouldn't just mumble any old mantra; it would be the basic phonetic Mantra of the Cult. It would be "Ma" . I began to re-iterate this most fundamental of sound concept ideas and the room came alive. Within a couple of minutes I was in a deep trance state and in a flash She was there. Over in the first cell (chamber A) The High Priestess, curled up in embryonic pose. From my position, without altering my gaze or mantra I  could see right into the cell that was obviously the WOMB of the mother Goddess. For a split second she was there!  It had to be. It was perfect! The reverberation could only work with a masculine voice.  The priest created the environment but the Priestess was the only one that could conjoin with the Goddess to divine her Will reaching the full possession state, via the masculinity of the Priests voice the potency of the sound activated the trance state in the Priestess and she received the guidance of the Gods. It was sacred. It was  perhaps the oldest example of Drawing Down the Power of the Goddess. Instantly many weird things began to happen. It was as though I had loosened the flood gates for this living monument to our Pagan forebears and a whole stream of images flooded in. I bore it as long as I could, It was just too much . I had to cease the chanting and get out. I was vibrating from head to foot and had that sickening dizziness at the base of the skull which symptomises occult energy overload. I could have run a sub four minute mile or jumped thirty feet in the air. It took about four hours for me to calm down.

Many more insights came to pass concerning this wonderful shrine; too many to record here. For anyone contemplating visiting Malta I would implore them to go and experience the Hypogeum and see if it is not for them as it was for me. Mr John Bezzina is a genial character and gives lectures on the archeology of Malta for interested visitors.


In this article I have attempted to show how our neolithic and copper age ancestors had achieved consummate skill in both architecture and ritual observance of their religion and magic as well as having established one of the earliest organised cults of the Goddess. The questions I would now like you to ask yourself are these: This civilisation did not just develop their complex ritual observances overnight. As with all religions there must have been a previous base to develop upon. Their architectural and artistic skills were very practised, and their acumen in spiritual things obviously quite advanced. We do not know where these people came from; archeologists suggest Sicily as this is the easiest sea route being only 50 miles away, but this is supposition and not fact; there are no similar temples in Sicily.   Crete is a possibility but as The Temple at Knossos is dated later than the Hypogeum it could be the other way round.  The Goddess Cult may have exported itself from Malta to Crete and thence throughout the  Ancient Greek empire.  Two things are certain; The Ancient Maltese came from somewhere and they definitely knew what they were doing.   Their culture must have been built upon tradition and prior established lore. Archeologists believe Malta was populated around 5, 000 B. C. but earlier than the Hypogeum ( 3.500 B.C) . we have no trace of their religious motivation on this island. The temple building phase, all of which seem dedicated to the Goddess took place during the period 3,500 B.C. to 2,500 B.C.   Six hundred years before Stonehenge was built the prehistoric Maltese were designing and producing architectural models of their beautifully designed temples.  If they were building models of this calibre to ascertain the success of a design with the people and the priesthood; moving blocks of stone weighing many tons on giant 50cm diameter stone 'ball bearings'  instead of tree-rollers, carving sine-waves into solid rock etc., where did all this development spring from?   Even the Archeologists admit that "there is nothing looking remotely like one of these temples outside the Maltese Islands so we cannot use 'foreign influence' to explain their origins"

It is obvious that here is an area which occultists call influence for the 'newness' of the archeological investigations still leaves room for innovative and objective ideas. Here is an opportunity for those committed occultists who feel the need to develop their own facts and ideas, if not for the reason that it is a great and worthwhile study, for the other reason that orthodox archeology seems genuinely stumped by it.'


World Copyright  Frater Marabas, The Sorcerer's Apprentice®  Leeds, Yorkshire 1981

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DISCLAIMER: Along with five billion other souls on this planet we believe in Transmogrification (magic), and Transubstantiation (life in spirit). About 85% of the world's population believe in the world of spirit. Only 7% of the world's population are atheists (scientific materialists) but these few people have a disproportionate influence over the way we live because the government relies heavily on these Scientific Soothsayers of the State to provide justification for their decisions. This disclaimer is to comply with the prejudiced demands of this lobby and should be seen as such. When we infer on these webpages that something is successful for a particular purpose we mean that traditionally it has been held by sages to be successful for that purpose or/and that historically it is reputed to work in a novel, legendary or peculiar way to succeed with that purpose, or/and that people alive today have tried and recommended the item as being successful or helping to a lesser or greater degree for that purpose and therefore it may be worth trying. In most instances we will have tested, experienced and confirmed the effects ourselves but we freely admit that these items may not work in every instance or may work in lesser ways than the examples quoted. We offer them out for historic and curiosity value only as untested objects of pleasance. All use and application of these items and information should be seen as experimental. Magical effects cannot be proven nor guaranteed. We have personally used and sold items like these for over three decades and our experience is positive - however in order to make an informed choice you should be aware that science disagrees about the existence of magical forces and effects and insists that other mundane actors will be working to cause the success experienced if any. Intending purchasers should carefully read our full Duty of Care Statement of Intent on
REASONABLE RISK: Advice; Personal Consultations; Recommendations for Applications: Marabas has an unparalleled grasp of esoteric methods worldwide but he is not a god - he cannot indemnify customers from risk. Only you know your exact circumstances, your medical history, state of health and the progression of the problem so far. Only you can judge whether it is in your interests to apply magic in your life. If you ask us how a magician might resolve a problem then Marabas will tell you but in our eyes magic is a force used to modify the course of destiny and can cause peripheral changes which are not anticipated therefore all magical operations are by qualification inherently experimental. Our products are genuine, contain proper materials and most importantly are designed with adept knowledge of magical method. You cannot get a better chance of successfully experimenting with magic but be under no illusion - it is an experiment undertaken entirely at your own risk.   The S.A. offers raw materials and literature  for curiosity's sake only. Marabas's historical knowledge is given if asked. Under present law Marabas cannot 'prescribe' magical actions or cures; we suggest only what an adept might do in your place. To recapitulate:     We are not selling you the magic 'cure', though it may very well turn out that way. We are providing the opportunity to experiment with genuine magical methods to open up new doors in your life.   We can tell you how others have changed their lives and how you might choose to do it for yourself but you are responsible for your own experiments.   We cannot indemnify people from the repercussions of foolishness but we will sincerely do everything we can to ensure your genuine success and this will be the limit of our liability. Marabas's suggestions will always comply with U.K. law but if you are unsure whether a suggestion might breach local laws or regulations then you should consult your legal advisor before ordering. Clients must be cognizant that all Magic and ritual work is experimental and therefore undertaken by them at their own inception and at their own risk. We provide all reasonable warnings and protections for our clients but cannot be held responsible for applications of their own invention of which we are uninformed. We will readily offer our opinion on the advisability of proposed applications of our products without charge. We expect the typical customer to be reasonably fit and healthy. If you are significantly unwell, subject to allergies, are taking a course of treatment, are pregnant, a registered drug addict, have a history of chronic ailments or are undergoing psychiatric help then it is your responsibility to clear your intentions with your doctor and alert us before you embark upon a purchase. .